Breton accuses US commerce secretary of campaigning for Big Tech


Brussels campaigned on behalf of Big Tech a few days after the EU approved a common position on a draft rule aimed at curbing the power of major U.S. tech companies and fueling cross-Atlantic tit-for-tat. I am complaining that I am doing.

EU Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo is lobbying on behalf of the sector after EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton said this month that new European rules are “disproportionately” targeting US companies. I accused him of doing.

Breton said he had already discussed these concerns with Lymond and was “a little surprised” to find out that she was publicly broadcasting the same issue.

He states: “This is not what we do to anyone. We do it for our fellow European citizens and our company. This is our duty.”

The commissioner said the CEO of the world’s largest tech platforms, including Google and Facebook, has his “cell number” and can call him to broadcast their concerns. rice field.He also said that these companies had previously participated in extensive discussions. EU draft rules And they had enough time to “express their concerns.”

He states: Therefore, no additional lobbying is required. ”

He said the United States was also discussing big tech regulation. “But I don’t want to interfere with what’s happening in the United States, and I think it’s fair not to interfere with what’s happening in Europe. This is a balanced and fair way of playing for a fair partner. . “

The EU Commission’s comments have come at a particularly difficult time for Brussels’ large online platform. Just this week, the European Parliament has agreed on a common position on the Digital Markets Act, a bill aimed at curbing the power of Big Tech.

The new rules prohibit anti-competitive behavior on large platforms, including emphasizing their products and services at the expense of rivals, and small rivals and data on large platforms such as Google and Facebook. Is expected to force you to share.

DMA was created to force so-called gatekeepers such as Amazon to guarantee more equal terms on online platforms, while the Digital Services Act has helped large online companies remove illegal content from their platforms. We aim to clarify how to do it.

This is not the first time US officials have complained about an EU bill that unfairly targets US companies. Last June, the United States accused Brussels of promoting a “protected trade-oriented” technology policy, especially for US companies.

The National Security Council, a division of the White House, complained about the tone of recent comments on major EU technology regulations. “I’m particularly concerned about the recent comments by European Parliament reporter Andreas Schwab on Digital Markets Act. Andreas Schwab suggested that DMA should definitely target only the five largest US companies. “The complaint dated June 9 said.

The Commerce Department said on Friday that while Lymond upheld the goals of the Digital Markets Act, it has long been a practice for the U.S. government to consult to ensure that laws in other jurisdictions do not discriminately target U.S. companies. Said it was.

“Thanks to our European colleagues for their guarantee of non-discriminatory intent, but it is still unclear whether the current and proposed scoping requirements under DMA cover well-known technology platforms in China and Europe, for example. That’s what the spokesman said. Said.

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