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Ryanair has become quite a suspension spot on Twitter these days, and it’s everyone GB news To IndependenceI love it. Yes, That Ryanair — Charge you £ 55 If you forget to check in before arriving at the airport. A person whose CEO once brought up the idea of ​​a pay toilet visit and kindly advised customers seeking refunds to “f *** off”.

“Really safe seats … and North Shropshire”, the official Twitter account of a low-cost carrier Posted last week Following the defeat of the Tories by-elections, a photo of Ryanair’s plane seat row and a map of its members have been attached.It came just a few days after the company Tweeted the image Of the chart showing “British Coronavirus Alert Level” along with “Downing Street Party Level”. Level 4 was “Boris is topless and asks Thatcher’s portrait if she comes frequently.” “God helps me. I’m likely to like funny memes from corporate accounts.” Written by one user.. Ryanair’s tweets had more than 100,000 likes like this.

The society Taken a lot Swipe The British Prime Minister and his government have been furious in recent weeks. And you have to give it to them: these jokes are really funny. This is an out-of-budget caliber corporate trolling. It’s warm, vague, and even vaguely patriotic about airlines, even if you have a name like me.

However, not all corporate social media posts that we find interesting and likable can get the right tone. Comparing Ryanair’s Twitter account with Pepsi’s Twitter account, that background alone makes me grimacing. “If you’re looking for a hot take and cold Pepsi, you’re in the right place.” Yeah. From Pepsi’s Twitter page, I found that neither of these was available. Instead, you get one of the biggest companies on the planet trying to pretend it’s just a normal Joe, but rather a frustrating Joe.

“Yeah. We did that. Introducing Pepsi Mic Drop — Our Genesis #NFT Collection,” the company tweeted earlier this month, announcing the launch of a series of non-fungible tokens. Melania Trump.. “This will look great in the Metaverse,” replied the company formerly known as Facebook (now Meta). “You know that, Fren!” Pepsi said. “Welcome Brand Friend. WAGMI” was a reaction from Budweiser. Pepsi: “Thank you, Fren! Wagumi.”

Is there anything more creepy on the internet than a bunch of corporate giants talking to each other as if they were 24-year-old tech buddies? The acronym “WAGMI”, which they continue to repeat, has been popular in cryptocurrencies in recent months and is itself a dishonest slogan in the sense that “all of us do it.”

And no one seems to be impressed even by crypto fans: “When Pepsi calls Facebook” Fren “on Twitter, he wants to jump right away.” Tweet.. “Literally, you just turn off the internet.” Another person said. Popular crypto site Run the piece “Companies such as Pepsi, Budweiser, and Adidas have bought land for NFTs and Metaverse and tweeted’WAGMI’, which has made cryptocurrencies less cool and wrinkled,” lamenting the fact.

Of course, these tweets came up with a cool clue Zoomer, who probably earns a fraction of the amount paid by the C-Sweet boss, but that doesn’t really matter. Pepsi has a history of trying hard to stay relevant and making mistakes. In 2017, the company Pull ads Starring Kendall Jenner after being accused of downplaying Black Lives Matter’s protests.

Keep in mind that likability (or lack thereof) does not necessarily correlate with profitability.Ryanair’s newly discovered Twitter fans are certainly welcome, but they don’t need: the British may have made the airline the worst vote in the world 7 years in trot, But during that period, the airline The number of customers has almost doubled..

Nonetheless, given that these brands seem to be anxious to be loved, you probably have to follow some basic rules. $ 10 billion annuallyDo not engage in empty virtue signaling.Never use Rocket emojiDon’t chat with each other like your peers. conduct Make a good joke at the expense of a politician who deserves it. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but let’s be the brand, more Ryanair.

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