Boris Johnson should resign after the blockade, Tory officials say


London, UK-December 8: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a press conference at 10 Downing Street.

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London — UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership calls for his resignation as a scandal against “political parties” in Downing Street, and in various other government sectors during the blockade of Covid-19 in the UK. It is on the edge of the knife because it prompted.

Conservative officials have asked Johnson to resign after admitting that he had attended a garden drink party on Wednesday at the Prime Minister’s Office, Downing Street. Alone in an outdoor setting where they did not live.

Political party reports while the British people were sacrificing freedom and social life caused widespread anger, not to mention time with loved ones. Officials are wondering if Johnson can still command the respect of the party and the country.

CNBC has a “Party Gate” guide and why Johnson is nearing the end of his tenure.

What’s wrong?

More stakeholders are investigating

The emergence of details surrounding the party on May 20, organized by the Prime Minister’s secretary, Martin Reynolds, reports and evidence of weeks of various parties and rallies advocated as “working events” by government officials. Come after. Downing Street and other government agencies at various times during the pandemic.

The British media is eager to publish party details, and many party details and photos have been leaked to the media, but because the rally was always held when people weren’t intended, the British people. I’m getting more and more angry.

For example, on May 20, the rule meant that couples and relatives who lived apart were not allowed to hug. At that time, all non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs and bars were closed.

Those who lost their loved ones during the pandemic feel contempt for the government in response to political party reports and have been robbed of their precious moments with their families while politicians are ignoring the rules.

Earlier this week, Johnson was asked if he and his wife, Carrie Johnson, attended the party on May 20th. However, he avoided the question and told journalists that investigations into several political parties allegedly held and attended by government officials were underway.

The investigation into whether any political party violated the rules is being led by Sue Gray, a senior civil servant who is expected to publish her findings next week. Sky News has published a list of alleged parties here.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case initially planned to lead the investigation, but was forced to stop the investigation. The rules at the time were also broken after it was revealed that a rally was held in his own private room in December 2020.

How bad is it for Boris?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will leave the Capitol after a weekly PMQ in London, England on January 12, 2022. In today’s Prime Minister’s question, Boris Johnson told House that he joined the garden staff at 10 Downing Street for 25 minutes shortly after 6 pm on May 20, 2020, during the blockade of the coronavirus. rice field. He said, “I implicitly believed that this was a work event,” and then returned to work at number 10.

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A letter from a Conservative lawmaker requesting a distrust resolution (54 letters required to trigger a challenge) has been submitted to Graham Brady, chair of the Backbench 1922 Committee, which oversees the leadership challenge. There is a claim that it was. According to Sky News..

To make matters worse for Johnson, a new poll by YouGov and the Times shows that support for conservatives has dropped significantly, and Tory lawmakers have more reasons to question Johnson’s future term. ..

Whether Johnson listens to the call for resignation is another issue with reports suggesting that he still has the support of his cabinet, his closest minister. Johnson and his government have also gained some credibility for “achieving Brexit” by overcoming political storms earlier. Despite this week’s anger Sterling The pound was worth $ 1.3728, up 0.2% against the dollar on Thursday, up almost 0.2% so far.

Tory lawmakers will evaluate whether he believes he can win future elections, given the low public confidence in him. The local election will take place in May, which will be the next test of the strength of public support for the party itself. A more in-depth test of the prime minister is the release of Sue Gray’s findings following her investigation into the government’s “political parties” scheduled for next week.

Rod Dacombe, director of the British Political Government Center at King’s College London, was “in permanent crisis” initially after turbulent Brexit negotiations and torture during Johnson’s premiership in 2019. I told CNBC. Address it, then address the Covid pandemic.

“The danger of election issues for the entire Conservative Party really rests on his mind,” he said. “I think he will face real problems if he stops helping the party in elections, that’s what poll data tells us.”

Dacom said Johnson “looks like he’s in the final position. I think it’s fair, but it will take some time before he sees a real strong challenge to his leadership,” CNBC said. “Workbox Europe” told.

There is speculation that if the challenge comes, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak could be the first to line up. Dacombe agrees, “Traditionally you would think of it. [a challenge] Will be one of the biggest names at the party … but there’s always the possibility of someone a little off the mainstream .. so that’s the open field I suggest. “

Boris Johnson should resign after the blockade, Tory officials say

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