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    Bora is back and for everyone: NPR

    Ashley Medina at Bliss Salon Spa & Boutique in Lansing, Michigan.

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    Heather Crab Purus Photo

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    Ashley Medina at Bliss Salon Spa & Boutique in Lansing, Michigan.

    Heather Crab Purus Photo

    After bad hair a few years ago, Ashley Medina decided she needed a hairstyle that looked cool no matter what.

    The hair stylist said that only Bora came to mind. So she shaved the sides of her head, cut her hair over the length of her fingers, and shed 10 inches of long curly black hair on her back.

    While she was speaking, she gave Aaron Vest a mullet makeover. “So this is what I call soft bora … you have to expose your ears, otherwise it’s considered like a shag haircut,” she said. Said.

    Best took a two-hour drive from Toledo, Ohio to Bliss Salon and Spa after seeing Medina. At TikTok.. “I’ve always liked the charm of mullets and wondered why I didn’t. It’s been a little longer now. Why?”

    Medina says that “mulletification” always begins with client consultation on TikTok. Alderram loves his experience and he named his business with his new hairstyle: Guy With A Mullet Landscaping.

    “I work in the yard all day, so I like to cover the back of my neck from the sun. I said earlier that melanoma is a silent killer,” he explained. “So it’s not my face, but the convenience of the front that protects the back of my neck is really great, not to mention they’re sweet.”

    Durham and Vest are tuned daily to Medina’s Bora Cut at TikTok by over 500,000 people.

    Infamous haircuts may have risen to mainstream fame in the 1980s, but hairstyles have been around for centuries. The roots of modern Bora can be traced back to the Native Americans who live in the northeastern corner of Oregon. According to Dan Schaffstein, a legal historian at Vanderbilt University, Chief Joseph, the leader of the region’s Nez Perce Indians, has sharp bangs on the front, braids on the sides, and long hair on the back. However, he kept his expression.

    “Despite the pressure from the white settlers to cut it, he wore it this way,” he said. “For him, it was not only an objection and rebellion, but also a collective expression of national character,” said Schaffstein.

    Today, Medina says Bora is popular with men, women, and non-binary people.

    “That’s what I really like about Bora, it’s genderless,” she said. “I think it has a more masculine and more feminine look, but overall hairstyles can definitely fit all genders.”

    Bora is very popular Ashley Medina says she may have to give up on other types of haircuts.

    Bora is back and for everyone: NPR

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