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    Bobby under DeckMed admits he regrets the fight with Hannah

    Correspondence to the past. Bobby Jan Cola Opened about the situation that led to the fight with him Hannah Feria During Season 2 of Under the deck Mediterranean — And he he I regretted what went wrong Between them.

    “I wish I had gone away. It’s one of the things that when alcohol is infused on both ends, it’s hard to agree to oppose it and only suppress it for another day.” Bobby, 36, said exclusively We weekly During a joint interview with Colin Macy Otour.. “To be honest, many of the battles between Hannah and me [based on] A serious misunderstanding. “

    In Season 2 of the Bravo series, 34-year-old Bobby and Hannah noticed a conflict when they accused the chief stew of talking badly about him. Maria White..

    Bobby Jan Cola and Hannah Feria. Shutterstock (2)

    “I was on a TV show, so I might ask someone and I would get Jesus from them, but then [Hannah’s] It was no because it can’t be done in the real yacht world, “said Deckhand. “But I said,’We use the rules to shoot TV shows. [that] You can bend it a little. That’s why I think a lot of our batting heads have happened. “

    Some of the tension between Bobby and Hannah escalated for a different perspective, Issues from “outside the show” have definitely been added to it Season 2.

    “It was hard during the first two seasons. Our crazy drama happened out of the camera between us and it just spilled over into the second season. And why am I against Hannah? No one knew if he wanted to lose his temper with something small, “Bobby said. We.. “But for me, it wasn’t small because it was a continuation that had happened over the last few years.”

    Bobby’s relationship with Hannah deteriorated after comparing what she was talking to Maria with past problems, including her colleagues. Lauren Cohan..At that time, Bobby had Hannah’s interference. I changed my relationship with Lauren.

    “Because Hannah was doing this consistently. Obviously this was before Season 2, so no one knew,” he added. “But it was an accumulation of things. I went to Lauren with my back. And then I almost quit the show. Both of these girls [were] I’m lying. It just landed on me, it was so overwhelming, I almost left. But then they told me to stay. “

    Bobby heard that Hannah was talking negatively about him to people like Lauren, but Australian natives had previously provided a story on her side.

    “This discussion was triggered by the belief that Bobby had disrespected him to Lauren in New York. He didn’t have the decency to approach me and talk to me,” Hannah said. Bravo TV “Instead he was waiting, and when Maria joked with him, he lost his composure and began to argue with me. At that time, I had no idea what he was talking about. did not.”

    For more information on Bobby and Colin’s regrets, watch the exclusive video above!

    Under the deck galley talk Bravo will air on Friday at 8 pm EST.

    Reported by Mandie DeCamp

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    Bobby under DeckMed admits he regrets the fight with Hannah

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