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    BMW M4 is rumored to get another special edition

    Next year will be my 50th birthday BMW M The department is already celebrating. The question is how many ways M can do that.The group has already launched for the first time in history M3 Preview of M’s first standalone product, a touring station wagon for the international market XM Concept SUV, M shoppers have been told that they will soon have access to 50 new exterior paint finishes and have announced a special 50 Jahre logo.We know there is M4 CSL A 2023 model is also available.Rumors Bimmerpost That’s not all, according to the forum. Insiders, known as ynguldyn, regularly update the forum’s future model pages with proven good information.Recent posters Added a line under the G82 / G83M4 bullets, “Very special limited edition M4 It will be produced for several months from November 22nd. It’s mostly configured like a CSL, but with the manual transmission removed, some options (comfort access, parking sensor, electric seat) removed, and the forged wheels removed from the G81. I don’t know the exact model specification. “

    What this car sounds like is the lighter and slimmer hardcore M4 CSL for manual transmission die-hard, perhaps even more limited production execution than the M4 CSL’s expected 1,000 or so units. It is a knowledge-based guess based on shared information, the only specific information is the forged wheel, BMW Currently sold in M3 and M4. Therefore, consider this information slide as “Please look forward to”. Notice about what we should be excited about in 2022.

    For the M4 CSL, tested in Europe, it rolls on harder ground with a highly aggressive aero package with a large splitter and a new intake adjacent to the underlying fascia. trademark Large nostrils. The ducktail spoiler keeps things in check behind you.What looks like unique headlights and rocker extensions, and lots of Carbon fiber A bit presumed to live under camouflage.Rumor has it that a fine-tuned version of BMW’s S58 3.0-liter turbocharged in-line 6-cylinder engine. Produces 540 horsepower.. These ponies are shuffled to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission. BMW blog To tell Manual transmissions are still under consideration in markets other than the United States.

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    BMW M4 is rumored to get another special edition

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