BMW explains why the i7 series and the 7 series are almost the same


BMW And arch rivals Mercedes-Benz We took two different approaches to launch the electric flagship model. On the one hand, the BMW i7 (pictured) looks much like the new 7 Series, with two sedans sharing the platform. on the other hand, Mercedes Benz EQS Is irrelevant to S class In terms of design and architecture. BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk explained this decision.

“It was a deliberate choice. I feel that an electric car will come true, but no one knows how fast it will be. So if you combine a luxury car and an electric car into one car, it’s it. Other than that, I found it beneficial because it’s nearby. In the future, it could force customers to make unpleasant choices. “Am I modern, want to use electricity, or specific? Do you need comfort and space? “So it’s an almost unfair decision that we don’t want our customers to do.” Autoblog To the bystander Villa d’Estecon Corso de Legance..

He has stopped clarifying whether this strategy will penetrate the rest of the world in the coming years, but I’ve seen it before. The iX3 sold in some global markets X3 Except for some inner and outer trim pieces and, of course, their drivetrain. The i4 And the 4 Series Gran Coupe are also very similar. However, some electric BMW models ( iX) There is no gasoline-powered counterpart.

Speaking of design, the front end is i7 and 7 series Share matches the design language launched by Facelifted X7, But it’s not the look that will be extended to the rest of the range. Don’t expect the next generation 3 Series to look like a wash-shrinked 7.The so-called Russian doll styling is not what Van Hoo Dunk wants to achieve when reviewing and adding to the rest of the lineup. New car..

“We intend to provide more variety to the character of the vehicle. It’s not going to be one. [design] A language that applies to all vehicles. With so many lineups today, the competitors are always different for each segment, and I feel that we need to characterize these vehicles for a particular customer. Broadly speaking, the 7 Series represents that philosophy at the top end of the luxury segment, but we do it entirely. Things like grills and headlights are different.The front-end design you saw on the i7 reserves for cars like the 7 Series X7 When XM.. Each vehicle has a different interpretation. “

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BMW explains why the i7 series and the 7 series are almost the same

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