Blonde to Brown Hair Color: Everything You Need to Know


As they say, you live and learn. It wasn’t until my hair was stripped of its natural pigment that I knew I wasn’t destined to be blonde. Similarly, until my head was dyed and split into foil-wrapped sections, I felt that releasing my hair from Bleach Prison would be more complicated than I had imagined. Here’s what you need to know before bleaching your hair: Those who move from blonde to brunette need to remember before switching.

After bleaching my half-life hair

Courtesy of HalieLe Savage

Haley Rusavage with brown hair after dyeing

After my hair changed from blonde to brunette

Courtesy of HalieLe Savage

1. Additional TLC is required for hair before making a salon reservation.

Whether your current blonde is artificial or natural, you should take special care to moisturize your hair before dyeing it in a darker shade. A Protein-rich moisturizing conditioner Prepare it to absorb the color molecules during the dyeing process, says Jenna Still, Spoke & Well Salon Master Colorist. Equalizing solutions such as “Color binds to proteins, so it is very important to put them in the hair before dyeing.” Aveda BB Damage RemedyAlso, strengthen the porosity of your hair before sitting for a new color.

For the record, I didn’t think that pretreatment was necessary until I sat in Still’s chair for my blonde to brown hair experience.That wasn’t a problem — technically, the additional conditioner is just a suggestion Healthier hair.. The good news is whether or not you have taken special precautions. Bleaching makes your hair dry and brittle over time, but browning does not put your hair at further risk. “The bright side of darkening is that there is no real damage,” Still says. “Brown dyes contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, so there are some chemicals, but they are also semi-permanently packed with large amounts of natural oils. So really, if anything, you are you. Your hair will feel healthier. “

What may be included in the image: bottle, shaker, shampoo

Redken Extreme Conditioner

What may be included in the image: bottle, shaker, shampoo

Aveda BB Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution

2. The transition from blonde hair to brown hair is not just about changing shades.

Landing in the right brunette shades isn’t just about bringing in Instagram-inspired photos. Determining the best color can be related to how much maintenance you do, both at home and in your follow-up appointments. “Maintenance is fine, but if you want a darker look, you have a free range of warm tones, ash tones, or cool tones,” Still says. “But if you want to minimize maintenance, it’s best to play with the natural tones that are already in your hair.”

I imagined a dark brown birding on black and entered my promise. Hearing it gets dark, I chose milk chocolate brown that fits my roots because it requires extra maintenance after this first appointment and therefore more money.

The texture of your hair can also affect how the color is retained and the shades you can expect to go home. “Curly hair tends to be on the dry side, so colors oxidize faster, but straight or thick hair can absorb and retain more color,” said LA Colorist and Redken Ambassador. I am saying. Cassondra Kaeding.. Therefore, if your hair is curly or dry, you can expect extra time to retain color in the salon and more frequent return trips for correction.

3. Block the morning or afternoon for your first color appointment and get ready to spend your money.

The painstaking study of bleaching hair prepared for a time-consuming salon trip. (The schedule lasted 4 hours.) Adding pigments again is also a 1 hour process.I settled down in my session at Spokes & wheels I left at noon just before 3 o’clock. The transition from blonde to brunette can usually last 2-5 hours in the salon and includes several rounds of color and luster.

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