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    Blake Moynes Accuses Katie Thurston of Cheating: “I Feel Stupid and Foolish”

    That’s all about friendly farewells.

    Blake Moins can no longer say anything positive about Katie Thurston.

    As you can remember, Moynes finished his run by winning Katie Thurston’s The Bachelorette season this summer and making a kneeling suggestion.

    Thurston said so … but then the couple split up after a while.

    It’s not too shocking considering the number of couples who meet in a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree to actually reach the altar.

    But earlier this week, I learned that Thurston went on with yet another suitor from her season.

    She is dating now John Hersey..

    What does Moynes think about his ex finding a new lover soon?

    Katie Thurston and Blake Moins: Engaged!

    It’s not very good!

    “I don’t think there was any physical cheating there, [was] Obviously emotional [cheating] Moins said in a Talking It Out with Bacherâ Nation podcast Wednesday:

    “I feel stupid and stupid for allowing it to happen to some extent.”

    understood. We can’t really blame the man for feeling this way.

    Katie Thurston and Blake Moins Kiss!

    Moynes, like everyone else, just learned about Thurston and Hershey a few days ago.

    “I don’t even know if it was partly me. For example, she couldn’t offer anything in the affirmative words I know I’m having a hard time sometimes. I was emotionally cheating to some extent, “he added. Podcast.

    “I try to stand up without regrets.

    “But it’s an example like this where you really start fighting yourself without regrets just the way things went well.”

    Break and Katie

    Thurston himself hinted at her new romance when she dedicated Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” to Hershey on the final day of the “12 Days of Messy” challenge last Tuesday.

    The post featured a montage of sweet moments between a former bachelor and Hershey that Thurston first sent home during the second week of her journey.

    Since then, Page Six has confirmed romance.

    “I know they spent a lot of time together, but it can’t be helped. I’ve never drank ink,” Moins told Airer.

    “I am a very safe person, and I give 100% trust, especially to the ones I trust most.”

    At home with Blake

    October 25, Moynes and Thurston announce split, Saying in the statement:

    It is mutual love and respect that we decided to go on different paths.

    We are very grateful for the moment we shared together and the whole journey unfolded this year, but in the end we concluded that we are incompatible as life partners, and that is both of us. The most compassionate choice for moving forward independently.

    We both seek kindness and privacy when navigating this transition. We two want to do our best to each other forever and please support our decision.

    Farewell photo of Katie and Blake

    Moynes, on the other hand, is a bit bitter about how this was done.

    She just thought she might at least tell me by her side just because we had a very heartfelt and simple conversation through the text. [since the breakup]..

    “Can you contact me and tell me that?” He said in a podcast.

    “It’s a bit lacking in respect. Her treatment isn’t all that surprising.”

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