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    BlackBerry IVY and the Future of Electric Vehicles

    BlackBerry held its annual security conference last week. Messaging has been split into one of the few security services that use AI in security solutions, Blackberry’s impressive update to the ever-expanding security service, and the automotive effort.

    Together with the automotive industry, BlackBerry’s automotive initiatives are increasingly focusing on electric vehicles that need help to reach their full potential. BlackBerry QNX software is currently installed in 195 million cars on the road, and its platform remains the world’s most popular third-party automotive operating system.

    The company unveiled the BlackBerry IVY at this event. It is delivered with AWS to provide next-generation vehicle control and management. As part of this role, BlackBerry highlighted the future experience of electric vehicles. It makes a lot of difference, so I thought it was convincing and worth mentioning here.

    Conclude again with my new Huawei Watch 3 this week. It’s currently the closest product on the market to the Apple Watch, using Huawei’s HarmonyOS, which is on the verge of being superior to iOS and macOS. Because you can replace both.

    Electric vehicle power problems

    EVs have many advantages. I drive a Jaguar I-PACE. Its perks include evil acceleration. An almost appliance-like driving experience (probably no need to replace the brake shoes). ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Ability to drive in the snow and climb mountains that cars do not have.

    In addition, our people who have these cars generally charge them at home. One drawback is the lack of charging infrastructure that lags battery life and gas station availability. Of course, the benefits of access to gas stations are now being offset a bit by the rapid rise in gas costs.

    This lack of charging network issues is incredibly annoying, as the Jaguar dealer closest to me is 180 miles away. Most of the trips are downhill, so you can get to the dealer early enough with plenty of space left, but you’ll be back home 180 miles uphill. I made some close calls on my return trip. At one point, the car stopped automatically when I was rolling with the garage completely unpowered.

    I-PACE is a lot of fun to drive a distance, but we tend to drive plug-in hybrids. Volvo XC60 To avoid battery anxiety that comes from driving pure electricity, it has a range of over 500 miles in gas and electricity.

    This battery power issue is in addition to a non-uniform issue with OTA (wireless) software updates. One update was early on that it effectively bricked the car because it wasn’t properly scrutinized.

    BlackBerry IVY to rescue

    what BlackBerry and AWS IVY allows you to better integrate your car with the cloud. IVY guarantees the future of the vehicle by reducing costs associated with automakers and providing consistent software deployment on a variety of platforms. It also does not depend on the vehicle’s OS (it does not have to be on QNX) and the cloud platform (it does not even need to use AWS). I think it works best with QNX and AWS, which have been mostly tested, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

    What caught my attention was how it could improve the EV driving experience. It uses local processing power to identify users, set user preferences, and automatically generate power-efficient routes based on charger availability and past driving experience.

    For me, that means I know that getting home from the dealer will be much narrower, and that’s what I need it to ensure I get home safely Then it will automatically route me to the level 3 charger.

    This feature is essential because it is not supposed to tow an electric vehicle. Some tow trucks can now charge your car, but most still can’t. Therefore, when the electricity runs out, you need to drag the car into the charger.

    With IVY, the car is tailored to the expected traffic volume. This can expand or contract the range, depending on the nature of the temperature and its traffic volume. Keep in mind that heavy traffic can increase the range unless it is unusually hot or cold. ICE vehicles improve fuel efficiency at highway speeds and decrease fuel efficiency in congested traffic. EV is often the opposite.

    Anyway, you need to trust the range estimate. This improves over time today, but it’s still less accurate than most of us want, and IVY seems to be able to improve this much.

    Managing supercomputers with Wheels

    One of Tesla’s right understandings from the beginning is that Tesla tends to be better than other EVs, but EVs are rolling computers rather than gas cars with electric motors. I understood.

    As autonomous driving progresses, EVs are becoming supercomputers. For example, Tesla reflects Apple more than the average car company, resulting in a significantly improved user experience for technical parts of the car.

    Indeed, Tesla has a major quality issue, suggesting that it may not yet have a complete grasp of the automotive part of the solution. Still, the company tends to rank top in terms of software updates, customer loyalty, and energy management.

    However, like Apple, Tesla’s revolutionary behavior was primarily Tesla. Other car companies most likely seem to be learning by compromising the associated user experience. While other automakers beat Tesla in build quality, Tesla tends to lead in overall driving experience.

    BlackBerry IVY could invert this script and give the car companies that use it an even more customer-focused experience advantage over Tesla. Therefore, we guarantee that higher build quality will not be negatively offset by a poorer user experience.


    Electric cars are the future. They offer many benefits, such as not sweating the rapidly increasing cost of gasoline. Range anxiety still plagues the class, and it’s primarily Tesla that maximizes the potential of the rolling computer concept.

    BlackBerry and AWS have worked with a variety of automakers to develop IVY, which provides a solution that can improve the driving experience and OTA software update process, ensure quality, and eliminate much of that range of anxiety.

    As a result, the BlackBerry IVY could be on the critical path to replace an ICE car with an EV while simultaneously offering all the benefits of power and user experience.

    BlackBerry IVY will help future electric vehicles overcome the problems that plague 1st and 2nd generation EVs and make EVs along the way more convenient and practical.

    This Week

    Huawei Watch 3

    Apple makes the best smartwatches. However, this only works on the iPhone, and I’m repeating Steve Jobs’ mistakes on my first iPod. That said, there’s nothing like an Apple Watch for us on Android phones. It lacks the ability to use all sensors and watches as a standalone device, so you can misplace your smartphone.

    NS Huawei Watch 3 It now matches the Apple Watch better than any other smartwatch I’ve tested, and it’s also better in a few ways.

    For example, it looks like a watch with a round dial and has a winding crown that allows you to scroll through menu items without being overwhelmed by the buttons. In addition, for the new Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life, the Huawei Watch 3 takes 2-3 days with the feature enabled (estimated to be 14 days in standby, but this has been tested. Is not).

    Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 3 Pro

    Huawei Watch 3 | Huawei Watch 3 Pro

    Huawei approaches Apple with a sensor and supports LTE, so you can make and make calls with Watch 3 while you have a phone, but it also works when you connect to your mobile provider (4G). .. ) And leave your phone behind.

    Watch 3 uses the new Huawei Harmony OS. In short, the app is significantly lighter than the Apple Watch. However, I haven’t used many apps on Watch 3 and the Huawei Health app seems to be fairly comprehensive.

    Given how the US treats Huawei, finding Watch3 here is problematic at the time of this writing. eBay has a classic edition $ 419.

    If you’re an Apple user, the Apple Watch is your best bet. But if you need a nice looking alternative for your Android smartphone, the Huawei Watch 3 is the right choice and my product this week.

    As mentioned in other columns, the frequency with which third-generation technology products (especially smart devices) appear to be far superior to their predecessors is amazing. Huawei Watch 3 again, the third time is attractive.

    The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ECT News Network.

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