Billie Eilish’s Best Looks of 2021


No one in the world of music has undergone as dramatic an image change as Billie Eilish this year.The Grammy Award winning artist When she made her debut, she first rocked the world of music Platinum blonde hair March 2021 — A dramatic change from her two years of neon green and jet-black rock.

The move was as much about growth and quest as anonymity (the artist admitted that she could hardly leave the house without being recognized by her green roots), but Irish stopped there. did not. In May, the singer of “Ocean Eyes” welcomed her. Happier than ever Age Photo shoot in a corset It effectively broke the internet.

At the time, Irish knew that the shift from a baggy head-to-toe look to something like a vampire would be noticeable and criticized. “If you want to show your skin, suddenly you become a hypocrite, and you are easy, you are a slut, you are a whore,” she said. British trend.. “Showing your body or showing your skin should not be respected by you.”

And after months, Irish doesn’t know why it’s still so big. “It was supposed to be a special aesthetic for photography, and it was like” Billie Eilish’s new style “, and people said,” Wow, her new style, it’s much better than the old style. It continued to be like.Or, “Wow, I wish we could get her old style back, but I’m so sad because she just changed to this,” she said recently. Said Vanity Fair, Every BuzzFeed..

She continued. “It was so weird because I liked it.” It’s not a new style. It’s one of the things I wore, then I’m going to wear this another day and then I’m going to do this. Literally, what I’ve been preaching since I first started is to wear what you want. “

And that’s true, Eilish came out of her comfort zone in 2021-it’s symbolic Moment of MET Gala She didn’t leave oversized streetwear in 2020. Now let’s look back at Billie Eilish’s biggest style moments in 2021.

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