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Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-07-01 15:24:48 –

For his family, Roberto Villegas was the center of the family.

“He’s the best father I’ve ever asked for,” said Michelle, a daughter who enrolls in high school after the summer.

In 2019, Roberto was deported.

“I got a call and he said,’I want you to sit down.’ He just has to breathe. “Don’t be afraid, I was just pulled by the ICE,” he said, “his wife Raquel.

Raquel says Roberto was once legally in the United States, but when he returned from Mexico to the state more than 20 years ago, he said he wasn’t, but a citizen of the United States. The penalty for lying about the status of citizenship is to permanently ban living in that country. There is no process of proceedings and no way to fight it. His wife, children, and American brothers were stunned.

“It’s life-changing, not good. It’s really hard to get used to a really important person being taken away from you,” said Roberto’s son, 20-year-old Jared.

Jared did the job of helping the family pay their bills.

As the Birgas family learned, immigration law can be very black and white. According to immigration advocacy group, 1.7 million Americans have undocumented spouses.

“The only way to get over this is to change the law,” said Cali Priegro, president of the effort to do just that. She hopes there is a way to citizenship for undocumented spouses with American families. It is part of the American Family Union Bill.

The bill has dozens of Democratic Republicans and three Republicans at home. Now that imbalance is what they are trying to fix. Concerned about border security and returning the wrong people to the country, proponents of the bill know that this is an obstacle to getting more Republicans involved.

“Comprehensive approval is required, which is the basis for case-by-case decisions, whether the case is worthy of residence or not,” Cali said.

“So I like this bill. You can definitely look up my brother and say,” Oh, this guy never couldn’t give up his ticket, so he paid all the taxes. ” Roberto’s brother Joel said.

This bill will be the only way Roberto can live in the United States again.

“Especially when talking to senators and representatives here in Texas, their first reaction is that they want to secure a border. Yes, I want them to secure a border, but they are a family of American citizens, away. We also need to think about our families, “says Raquel.

As discussions continue on the best ways to protect the border, families stuck in the midst of policy seek sympathy and hope that a compromise will be reached.

“I want people to understand that he is not a criminal. He is my dad. He is my son. He is my husband. He is my father. And he deserves to be here.” Michelle said.

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