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    Bill Belichick Press Conference 11/5 – Baltimore, Maryland

    Baltimore, Maryland 2021-11-06 05:34:10 –

    New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

    Video press conference

    November 5, 2021

    How much the team needs to be aware of Christian McCaffrey in the field:

    BB: He is a dynamic player. Christians are very explosive men. Whenever he touches the ball, it’s a potential touchdown. He is an excellent recipient. He is clearly very good at catch and rampley of all types. He can get out of the backfield or empty formation and be perpendicular to the defense. He really is a threat that goes on in any play. Inside run, outside run, path, screen path, you name it. He is a difficult person to work on. He is very explosive. He becomes vertical very quickly and can overtake almost any other player on the field. Undoubtedly, the man we have to keep an eye on. You don’t want him to put the ball in space, otherwise he will win a lot of yards.

    Whether he considers signing a high-end free agent in the middle of the season:

    BB: Yeah. We did it before.I brought it in [Aqib] Talib in the middle of the season. You will have to evaluate in any situation. I’m not sure about the specifics, so I can’t say anything at this point. We do whatever we can to help the soccer team. Brought James Harrison to the season in one match.

    Coach Snow’s experience in Arizona in the 1990s and how Coach Snow worked in the NFL:

    BB: I don’t know if the meeting had too much impact on the game. You see, he did a great job.It’s interesting to see the success of him and his coach [Matt] At Baylor’s Temple, Roule realized last year’s defensive behavior, this year’s defensive changes, and this year’s playability. They are literally in the top three of almost every meaningful defense category. This is a true achievement of their role in defense, overall, full defense, running games, pass games, situations, etc., as well as one particular thing. He has done a good job and I always enjoy meeting coaches who are familiar with players and meetings. It’s one of the great things about those interactions, such as college professional days.I have gained a lot of respect from what he did and the distance of the coach [Joe] Brady made it aggressive.

    About Tom Matte’s death:

    BB: Well, Tom Matte was a great community hero. The situation that happened in Baltimore as his humility and quarterback was very unique, but he had a career in its own right. I think it was about 12 years. Pro Bowl players played so many times that it wasn’t just two games, but it was certainly a lot of bad publicity. Tom was able to laugh and make fun of himself, but again he was a very good soccer player and a man who had a great long career there. After all, I think he was traded and went to San Diego, but anyway, he was there for at least 10 years. I watched all those Colts matches. That’s because he enjoyed watching and because of its highly prolific attack and the success Colts had there. And while it’s sad to see the condolences to the Matt family, it was a really great lesson. We will meet him from time to time, but players step up, do what he normally does, help his team, help them win big games, champion them, and then next Weekly when they play a game of comfort, or what they called it. I forgot about now. Runner-up game. He had a big day throwing the ball. He went out there and did a quarterback, and there was some sort of big past day there. It’s obviously sad to see a player I have a soccer card with. I watched them every week and followed them as other kids were following his home team. And now, seeing such players pass by is a lifelong memory of football.

    How Matt Rhule built the Temple and Baylor programs:

    BB: I think Coach Roule has entered the temple and has really established a level of toughness and went with many local kids who are good soccer players.It reminded me what the coach is [Wayne] Hardin did it when he went there and did the same. Hardin had similar success. They went to some bowl games. I don’t know if they beat Pennsylvania State University for a year. They lost 7-6 or something like that, but they played with a big boy and did a good job. There were a lot of local children. People like those who chose between Temple and D-II School weren’t often hired, but there were a lot of good soccer players. Of course, there are several directors of Roule.Now with his team; favorite person [Robby] Anderson, obviously [Haason] Reddick was a high pick, but there are some of them on his team. He is really tough, planting single digit stuff. I could see him building the team’s pride, toughness and competitiveness, and that was one of his ways of recognizing it. I think everyone noticed. I played a lot of 2 tight end and 3 tight end and ran the ball. The meeting did a good job of defeating some teams who might have a little more skill, but their style was playing and it was effective, and they were a good defensive team bottom. Then at Baylor, it’s like reestablishing that level of tough and hard-nose football. I have a great deal of respect for what he did in those programs. Again, it wasn’t just one player, a year, or one game. It was a level of consistency as an aggressive line coach. You’ll see it from many aggressive line coaches. To be honest, not many of them are head coaches, but those who do usually take a look at the idea of ​​that aggressive line. So, not selfish, focus a lot on the team, manage the game, control the game, not many of the individual statistics or such, field position and ball control and an offensive perspective on that type Of things that can help defend from. You certainly saw some of his fourth down decisions, the aggression of coach Rhule on the punt team and what he did with that unit. Some of them were college students, but he reached this level with the Panthers in the last year and a half, bringing an aggressive spirit to that part of the game as well.I think the way he established his program clearly has a lot of people buying with him that he is being carried from staff to staff like a coach. [Phil] Snow etc. There is a clear message there. They understood it pretty quickly, and it was pretty effective. Again, Snow Coach has made many changes from last year’s defensive actions to this year’s actions, how successful they were, and how quickly they adapted from Temple to Baylor or Baylor. think. To Carolina. Officially, the big picture looks the same, but more specifically, they understand what a proper fit is based on personnel, face-to-face, and so on. They did a really good job on it.

    About Matthew Judon and Jalen Mills:

    BB: I love having both players on the team. Many positive contributions. They provide an excellent level of toughness, energy and consistency. I work every day. Get better. Improve and improve the little things and what they need to work on. As they continue to work with their teammates and get a little better understanding of our defense system, I think they will be able to use some tools. It’s not that they didn’t, but just to keep knowing the right time and the right situation to do certain things that help them. It has certainly improved, and again, their understanding of where their responsibilities and their help are, and what is the most important part of what they have to do. It was always good, but I think it’s getting better every day and every week. I think it will continue. Especially in soccer depending on the situation, some understanding is still required. You can have several different personnel groups. Same, but different because the groups on the field are slightly different. Offenses can have different groups on the field, so it’s like putting them together. They work hard. They are well prepared. They are ready to go every day. They are very productive to us and we are very happy to join the team.

    Regarding the recognition that the Patriots working environment is not interesting:

    BB: That’s because you describe it that way.

    Whether the team environment is as fun as structured:

    BB: I think it’s fun to win. That’s really what it is.We certainly had our share, and I took my share of the jab [Mike] With Vrabel and Matt Light [Julian] With Edelman [Junior] Thor. Go just below. It’s a team, part of a relationship, part of being able to work together. Indeed, many light moments. There are many of them when you are winning. do not know. You can’t really worry about what outsiders are thinking or not. What matters to me is the relationship between our team and our team, and how to place the winning team on the field most productively. That’s what I’m trying to do.

    About the importance of having a player who wants to have fun:

    BB: If that happens, I think we have to make it happen. I don’t think you can legislate or dictate, like “Hey, I need to make a joke here today.” I don’t think it actually works that way. You just have a group of people, have chemistry, and have all the different personalities, but they mix, how to play off each other, how situations occur, how naturally occur It happens or it is only part of the existence of the team. It’s just one part of those relationships. Again, I think we have a group of enthusiastic players. They work hard. Soccer is important, but they also have an aspect to them collectively in different ways they enjoy each other. When you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like work, and it has its elements, but it does have work and performance elements that are important to all of us. That’s why we are here, but there are ways to work hard and at the same time enjoy to some extent. I think it’s a good thing when that happens.

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