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    Big Brother Recap: Another Double Eviction Shocks the Cookout!

    After last year’s failed triple eviction, CBS executives chose to do double eviction for the second straight week.

    We lost Claire and Alyssa last week as Cook Out made the history of Big Brother and became the most successful alliance in the game.

    However, Cook Out had to power each other, which made the event a mess in one of the most famous homes on television.

    HOH’s reign in Kailand was declining, and he had Tiffany and Hannah in the block.

    Heading towards this pre-recorded two-hour installment, Tiffany seemed fine and really headed out of the door.

    It didn’t stop one of the best players in Big Brother’s history trying to save her game.

    Tiffany went to Derek and X and tried to collect their votes.

    As always in the Thursday edition, this is simply edited as a plot to show people that this target can continue another day in the house.

    Regarding the first eviction of the night, it was a landslide vote to evict Tiffany.

    At this stage of the game, it has 3 votes.

    Tiffany was well aware that her plan had formed an alliance at this stage of the game.

    Even Julie couldn’t help but praise Tiffany.

    Then things changed when the HOH competition began. This bizarre competition was completed in two rounds and focused on house guests who used the ball to beat the rest of the ball.

    Derek and Hannah were eliminated in the first round, and Xavier and Aza were to fight in the second heat. One of the biggest surprises of the season, Aza has secured a victory.

    This marked the victory of her first competition in the summer, and given where the game is, she needed a victory.

    Now, she would think she would target Kailand and Xavier, but Aza shocked Hannah and said she had signed a contract with Kailand and kept him away from the block.


    She nominates Hannah and Xavier and targets Xavier.

    Given that the feed was off for a full day before this episode aired, it’s unclear if the two men told Aza to target Hannah in exchange for safety.

    Eventually, Kyland won the Power of Veto, unblocked Xavier, and placed Derek in his place.

    The boys decided to stick together and eliminated Hannah.

    Yes, we lost two of the most popular house guests in this peasant farm tonight, and Kailand could probably say goodbye to the $ 750,000 bounty.

    If Xavier succeeds to the end, he wins.

    Guests at the jury’s house unraveled the alliance, and many of them felt that Xavier played the best game.

    He managed to throw the competition, but he still set his goal.

    An episode wrapped in bruises as the only woman left.

    Does she chase other women outside the door?

    do not know!

    Big Brother will continue a special episode on Friday 8 / 7c.

    Big Brother Recap: Another Double Eviction Shocks the Cookout! Source link Big Brother Recap: Another Double Eviction Shocks the Cookout!

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