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    Big Brother 23 Tiffany talks about winning America’s favorite player

    The Queen meets her deadline. Tiffany Mitchell, Definitely the best strategist Big Brother 23She may not have won the game, but she is happy to bring back the title of her favorite American player.

    A phlebotomist, 40, defeated her close ally Derek Xiao I won $ 50,000 at the live finale on Wednesday, September 29th.

    “Winning the game isn’t just about winning the game. It’s the jury who votes for you,” Tiffany said exclusively. We weekly.. “But America has to vote for you to be America’s favorite player. That’s such a privilege for me. I’m grateful for being recognized as such.”


    She continues. “I hope my name is remembered for great things, positive things, great things. For some people, it’s just a big brother, or it’s a reality show. For me, this is It was a dream to be in this show. I’ve always seen it. I didn’t even know I could be seen, but the fact that I’m here to be recognized, and this season, and my American favorites The difference to becoming a player … For me, that means everything. “

    Michigan natives say how she intends to celebrate. “I’m definitely doing something with my son. We’re out of here. He deserves it.”

    Look up or scroll down to read the full interview with Tiffany. Tiffany also talks about Cook Out. Xavier Plaza As a winner, her ups and downs Derek Frazier When Kailand Young, Her future plans and more!

    Tiffany of Big Brother 23, Selected as America

    We weekly: Congratulations on winning your favorite American player! You carried this season, you carried it! how are you feeling?

    Tiffany Mitchell: Oh, I’m very honored to be part of this season and Cook Out. I don’t know what to say.Wake up at home every day [thinking] “You will be canceled today, right?”

    We: When and how did you feel Julie [Chen-Moonves] Did you say it fell on you and Derek X? Did you go crazy?

    TM: I was surprised. Listen, we all say Derek is America’s favorite player. And when I heard that I was ranked next to Derek, I was like, “Oh, I’m approaching.” But when Julie said my name, I was wondering, “What the hell is America thinking?” I love it. I love it. I love it. However, I love this game. And being an American player … Winning a game is more than winning a game. Winning the game is the jury who votes for you. But America has to vote for you to become America’s favorite player. That is such a privilege for me. I am really grateful for being recognized as such.

    We: We have a black American favorite player and the first black winner in history Brother.. How does it feel?

    TM: It’s historic. Even if there is nothing in the world, I always wanted to be historic. I want to remember something. I want you to remember my name for great things, positive things, great things.For some people it’s just Brother Or it’s a reality show. For me, this was my dream of attending this show. I’ve always seen it. I didn’t even know I could be seen, but the fact that I’m here to be recognized, and the difference to becoming a favorite player in America this season … for me, that means everything.

    Big Brother 23 winner Xavier talks about historic victory

    We:Congratulations! Naturally. Now let’s talk about Xavier’s victory. You had some problems. But what do you think about him representing the season as a winner?

    TM: I am in the position of 1000% of Xavier on behalf of BB23, the first African-American winner of BB US. He played an amazing game. All that is wonderful. When Xavier and I hit my head, it was probably my fault (laughs). I have great respect for him as a person, as a person, and as a player. He really deserves it. When they took me and Hannah to the block together, I thought, “Oh, give Xavier the money.”

    We: Please tell us the feelings of the jury. Did Xavier basically lock it? Was there anything that even Derek F. and Aza could do to win?

    TM: There was nothing Derek F. or Aza could do. We knew who played the better game. It would have been great to see Xavier and Kailand in the last two. That’s what I really wanted, especially when I left. But Xavier played a great game. He played a much better game. He played a modest game. I would like the winners to exemplify the specific characteristics that we all believe in. I’m not saying that Xavier was more loyal to them than anyone else, but he is just a wonderful person. Inside and outside the game, especially in the season I played, BB23, I find him the one I want to call the first black winner. I don’t want to be anyone other than myself.

    Tiffany of Big Brother 23, Selected as America

    We: Speaking of Kailand, it was a very controversial week when he won the “expected” HOH to win. Xavier wasn’t happy with you. If you didn’t win, do you think you would have gained more?

    TM: When I was there, I was hitting an elephant and spinning around in a circle, so I thought about it. And I noticed – well, I didn’t know that – I was just fine with the fact that they sent me home. They talked about sending me home before my second HOH. So, when I was hitting an elephant and spinning, I thought it would be better to go out with a bang if I wanted to go out. So I won’t get it back.

    We: You and BigD haven’t always been on good terms. What do you think of when he says or suggests that women aren’t doing as much as men because of the alliance?

    TM: When you hear Big D and others say that, everyone can do their part, and everyone can step up to the plate at any time and, if possible, maximize their abilities. , I was offended. .. I’ve never seen BigD win the competition. But he seemed to feel like he was carrying people. It’s okay to let people think about their rights from time to time. I think I’m happier than fighting you for what’s right and what’s wrong. But after I got these two consecutive HOHs, he had to be quiet. And even though Big D kept saying, “She comes after me,” I still didn’t put up with him. I don’t think Big D knew what he was talking about.

    Tiffany of Big Brother 23, Selected as America

    We: We’ve seen your reaction, but what else do we have to say about Kailand, who claims that Chadda and Big D are at the same level in the game?

    TM: Kailand’s reaction to sending either Chadda’s house or Big D’s house, Kailand doesn’t want to be wrong. His ego pops out of his mouth every time someone proves the wrong fact. He decided to send Chadda home and keep the Big D, so we all need to justify it with another fact that we all know isn’t true. Big D and Chadda are incompatible and insulting him to say so, but he can’t admit he’s wrong. So I was on TV and had to end the conversation at that point.

    We: Resolve this argument that seems to be there: Who started the cookout?

    TM: In summary, when we looked around the house without even talking to each other and found that it was our six, we decided not to target anyone. I know that’s what I said. It’s like “no one is aiming”. Big D came to each of us on the first day and took himself to say, “Hey, you know, we’re working together.” “Of course. Thank you for checking.” Xavier named it and he called us Cook Out. And I said, “What? Okay.” So we were officially cooked out, but we knew we wouldn’t target each other in the house. And I think we didn’t know how to officially move around as a cookout until I came up with a master plan in the third week.

    Tiffany 2331 Big Brother 23 Tiffany Mitchell Exit Interview

    We:Congratulations! Do you have a money plan? Want to take a vacation?

    TM: I’m definitely doing something with my son. We are out of here. we are. He deserves it. He isn’t looking at me We are not spending time together, even if only he and I. She probably won’t let me spend the dime, but I’ll probably take Mamapat. But my son and I will definitely do great things together. He started high school without me! I feel like “Oh, my goodness. I remember 9th grade.” “Boy, I have to talk first.” But yeah, I definitely want to do something good for us. It’s still in my heart, for example, I can’t even believe this. I probably have to pretend I don’t have this money. I’m not in a hurry to use it.

    We: I asked you in your exit interview if you would play again. You said so. So, if you played, with whom in this cast would you like to play again?

    TM: Derek X! Who goes to Block Week next to me? But I want to love Derek, Chadda. I also play with Kailand. He is a great competitor. I would have been allied with me with Claire, Chadda, and Derek X. I would have wanted to see how it went.

    We: We all would have wanted to see it! From a personal gaming point of view, it was pretty clear that you were making the most sacrifices for the Cook Out mission.

    TM: Yeah, I know. I was fan out. Sometimes I said, “I’m a big fan. We had to destroy this house. Let’s turn it over! Let’s turn it over!” It was all done the way it was. But yeah, there will be some … you know, I threw a fraudulent vote in the first week! Against Alyssa. I was ready to play.

    We: Before you go, what’s the most exciting thing right now when you’re out of the house?

    TM: Of course, I want to meet my family. Now that I have presented myself to the world, I look forward to the opportunities that are open to me. I love tv I love movies. I love cameras. So if this works and you can do something so that the world can see me, I’m here for it.

    Big Brother 23 Tiffany talks about winning America’s favorite player

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