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    BIFA is seeking a UK government survey on the containership market

    The British International Freight Association (BIFA) recently requested the British government to investigate the competitiveness of the deep-sea containership market.

    BIFA members have stated that certain practices practiced by major container transportation lines and easements and exemptions provided under competition law distort the operation of free markets and adversely affect international trade. He said he was concerned.

    In a letter to Robert Coates, Deputy Secretary of State for Transport, BIFA Secretary Robert Keane urges more and more commercial power to concentrate during a period of well-documented turmoil within the containership sector. Expressed the association’s concern that it has become. As a result, market choice and competition have diminished and market conditions have been distorted.

    Requesting the UK Government to investigate competition in the deep-sea container transport market, the UK International Freight Association has distorted the operation of the free market with certain practices by major container transport lines and the mitigations and exemptions provided to them. He expressed concern about the fact that he was doing so. Disadvantages of world trade.

    “BIFA members fully accept that the free market economy is open to all, but the activities of the container transport line, and the exemption of the law in which they benefit, transport the operation of that market. I’m more and more concerned about the distortions, “he said, while negatively impacting and unfairly affecting customers, especially freight carriers and small businesses.”

    “The facts speak for themselves. The market was heavily integrated when EU block exemptions were carried over to UK law,” the BIFA press release quoted in a letter.

    “In 2015, there were 27 major container vessels that trade the world’s containers, the largest with a market share of 15.3%. Currently, there are 15 transport lines that trade 3 Organized into two major alliances, some analysts say the market share of a single alliance on a particular major route can exceed 40%.

    BIFA will join more and more organizations, including CLECAT, FIATA, the US Federal Maritime Commission, and the Australian Productivity Commission, to carefully consider evolving business arrangements within containers at the national and pan-national level. I am calling on the government. A shipping market to see if they violate competition law.

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    BIFA is seeking a UK government survey on the containership market

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