Monday, November 29, 2021

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    Biden vows $ 1.75 trillion social packages to pass after winning infrastructure

    Joe Biden has promised to pass a $ 1.75 trillion social spending bill as he seeks to take advantage of the momentum brought about by the $ 1 trillion passage. Infrastructure planning..

    Saturday US President welcomed Friday night voting The House of Representatives, which guaranteed a bipartisan infrastructure package, is now a law.

    The bill was opposed by six progressive members of his own party who wanted to pass it at the same time as the social welfare bill that the White House called the “Build Back Better.” Biden sought to alleviate the concerns of these members on Saturday by claiming that larger packages would pass, despite the reservation of centrist Democrats in the Senate.

    “We will pass this in the House of Representatives and in the Senate,” the president said. “The Build Back Better method is a generational investment in our people.”

    “I won’t mention who made what promise to me. I don’t negotiate in public, but I’m relieved. I’m sure there are enough votes to pass the Build Back Better bill. increase.”

    The president promised that the new law would create jobs and reduce inflation, “this bill aims to give the general public a chance to fight and start leveling the stadium a bit.”

    In the first public statement since the Democratic Party was defeated in this week’s Virginia Governor’s election, the president said he thought voters were punishing the party for failing to pass major laws.

    “Each situation is different … But I think one of the messages I came across was to’get something done’,” he said. “It’s time to get something done.”

    The infrastructure package was passed by the House of Representatives with 228-206 votes on Friday night, with 13 Republicans joining most of the Democratic Party.

    Bills that passed the Senate in August will be sent to Biden’s desk to sign the law.

    Voting provided the long-awaited legislative victory for the U.S. President as he fights low approval rates and anxieties within his own party regarding the outlook for next year’s midterm elections following the dramatic changes in the Republican Party. increase This week’s election..

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has vowed to push the infrastructure bill, delaying the consideration of individual larger social spending packages popular with left-wing Democrats.

    In doing so, she put two bills in response to the demands of progressives who prioritized larger package programs, such as childcare grants and radical investments in efforts to combat climate change. He broke his long-standing promise to work together in Congress.

    For several hours on Friday, it was unclear whether Progressive would sign on to the infrastructure package. At one point, Biden, who had postponed a planned trip to a Delaware villa, called on the meeting with his last effort to gain their support.

    In the end, the majority of house progressives said they would vote in favor of the infrastructure bill after a medium-sized colleague promised to vote for the Build Back Better bill by the week of November 15.

    At the beginning of the day, Democratic leaders intended to pass both bills before the weekend. But then a group of at least six house moderators, including Josh Gottheimer in New Jersey and Abigail Spanberger in Virginia, went buildback better until they saw an official cost estimate from the independent Parliamentary Budget Office. He said he would not vote.

    Critics have questioned Whitehouse’s claim that the measures will be “fully paid” by tax evasion crackdowns, corporate minimum profit taxes, and new additional taxes on people who earn more than $ 10 million a year. ..

    Biden vows $ 1.75 trillion social packages to pass after winning infrastructure

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