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Biden urges climate change measures: “We haven’t had more than a decade”

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Arvada, Colorado — On Tuesday, President Biden patrolled the wildfire-ravaged western west to rally the people and Congressional Democrats and help the United States confront the global climate crisis 10 more. Warned that only years were left. That his administration wants to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

Biden will stop by Colorado this week. Boise, Idaho; California’s Long Beach and Sacramento area Call attention to serious destruction Visits to wildfires and other natural disasters exacerbated by climate change were the last opportunity to market the importance of targeted measures. Climate change mitigation, Some of them appear to be increasingly at risk in his spending package.

“Droughts and fires can’t see the boundaries of the site,” Biden said in a statement at the Federal Institute for Renewable Energy. “It doesn’t care which party you belong to. The disaster won’t stop. That’s the nature of the climate threat. But we know what we have to do. To do that, we need to evoke courage and creativity. “

Biden emphasized the urgency, adding that “it hasn’t been more than a decade.”

Democratic leaders drafting a $ 3.5 trillion spending bill want energy lobbyists and some to expand efforts to expand Mr. Biden’s plea far less than Mr. Biden thinks. I’m having a hard time matching the backlash from major Democrats.

Biden seemed aware of this when he visited the California Emergency Services Department in the Sacramento area on Monday.Before being briefed on the wildfire damage, he made dozens of paramedics in the conference room all the investments proposed to combat climate change. Bipartisan agreement He arrived about infrastructure this summer. He said he was focusing on including them in a larger $ 3.5 trillion package, but acknowledged that it could fall short of his ambitions.

“I don’t know if it will pass, or exactly how much, but we’re going to let it through,” Biden said.

House tax authorities have already made some sort of concession regarding climate. The bill, announced earlier this week, omits any taxes on carbon emissions, but such income goes to the payment of huge packages that Democrats plan to pass through parties without Republican support. May be useful. Many Senate Democrats require that they include either a direct tax on emissions or an indirect tax, such as tariffs on goods imported from high-emission countries such as China. But given the disagreement between the parties and the small majority of the House and Senate, such a plan would probably struggle to get the 50 votes needed in the Senate.

Centrist concerns about the scale and extent of the proposed tax increase could force leaders to regain incentives to introduce low-carbon energy in their plans. So will influential Democrats who resisted the party’s previous climate legislation, such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III.

Manchin, a moderate coal nation, is chairman of the committee responsible for drafting the Senate version of the single biggest effort to reduce bill emissions. Source of information for the next 10 years.

“The transition is happening,” Manchin told CNN’s “Union” on Sunday. “Now they want to pay companies to do what they’re already doing. As the market changes, it’s me that we spend billions of dollars to pay utility bills. Has no meaning at all. “

He refused to comment further on Tuesday and told reporters that he preferred to negotiate privately. Senators used lunch at weekly caucuses to keep up to date on efforts to put together a bill during each summer vacation, but it’s unclear how quickly the differences between the two houses and the two houses will be adjusted. bottom.

Biden emphasized that he used his Western Swing to hope that his aides would be a call for climate change measures for those who are not committed to more aggressive plans. During the trip, Mr. Biden heard from emergency authorities and governors, including those in conflict with the administration about pandemics and other issues, about the urgent need to deal with natural disasters. Biden told California paramedics that he had recently discussed an emergency response with Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott.

“Some of my more conservatives-” Biden said before stopping and resuming, “Some of my friends who don’t believe in this concept of global warming are suddenly calling for an altar. We are here. “

“They are looking at the Lord,” Biden said.

Later, when Mr. Biden was briefed by paramedics on the fire, I could hear the woman presenting him with a map of the wildfire saying, “That’s why it’s so important.” rice field.

On Tuesday, Mr. Biden saw a wind turbine demonstration at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Flat Irons Campus in Alvada, Colorado, and talked about the hurricanes and wildfire damage he saw on his trip across the United States this month. He called for tax credits to accelerate the introduction of solar and electric vehicles and the creation of a private climate corps to protect public land and make it more resilient to climate change.

Mr Biden’s economic team has not disclosed whether the president will adopt an emission tax as part of the package. He refused to agree with the Republican proposal to raise the federal petrol tax to support infrastructure payments because of his pledge not to raise income taxes for people with incomes less than $ 400,000. .. However, his administration does not oppose a cigarette tax increase that the House of Representatives would include in the tax system and would disproportionately hurt low-income earners.

Government officials also do not say how far a final agreement on emission reductions must go in order for Mr Biden to accept it. Biden raised his fist when asked by an Alvada reporter if he would sign a $ 3.5 trillion spending package if it included streamlined measures to address climate change. “I want more climate protection,” he said.

Deputy spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre told Air Force One reporters that Mr Biden was strongly committed to the climatic elements of the bill. But she said, “Biden’s climate agenda does not rely solely on reconciliation and infrastructure packages.”

“We are looking at all areas of the economy for opportunities to increase clean energy jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

Emily Cochrane Contribution report.

Biden urges climate change measures: “We haven’t had more than a decade”

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