Biden to meet business leaders who support vaccine obligations


President Biden met on Wednesday with executives from Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, Kaiser Permanente, and other companies that have approved vaccine obligations. Federal efforts Require employees of large companies to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or to be tested regularly.

The government sought to use the conference to show that vaccine obligations are good for the economy, while shining a spotlight on employers who are obliged to workers or praise Mr. Biden’s orders. The conference was aimed at gathering more business support for mandates.

Adjacent to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Jeffrey D. Jients, White House pandemic coordinators, Biden said:

“Vaccination means fewer infections, hospitalizations and deaths, which in turn means a stronger economy,” he added.

Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear, one of the invitees to the conference, said in an interview Wednesday that his company had drafted a policy to mandate vaccines a few months ago.But it was postponing doing it until Mr Biden Announced last week He had instructed the Ministry of Labor to issue an emergency safety declaration that would effectively serve as a vaccine obligation for tens of millions of workers. Columbia Sportswear told workers that it plans to introduce vaccine requirements next week.

Boyle said Colombia was concerned that acting alone could risk losing half of the workers in distribution centers and retail stores. Mr Biden’s order reduced the risk of workers who did not want to be vaccinated to stop working elsewhere, he said.

“There are far fewer opportunities for people to go to places where they don’t need to be vaccinated,” he said.

Boyle said vaccination divided the Colombian workforce. The manager at the headquarters in Portland, Oregon, he said, accepts most of the shots, but retailers and warehouse workers across the country are more reluctant. He said the infection and the threat of infection had hesitated to hurt the company and forced the closure and cleaning of the site.

“These operations assume that people work closely together,” he said. Having unvaccinated workers is “very destructive”.

Some of the business leaders who met Mr. Biden have already installed mandates for at least part of their workforce, including: DisneyWalgreens and Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

Biden to meet business leaders who support vaccine obligations

Source link Biden to meet business leaders who support vaccine obligations


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