Biden Signs Presidential Order for Police Reform on George Floyd’s Anniversary | US Police


Joe Biden signed a presidential directive on Wednesday, the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, promising to herald the arrival of “the most important police reform in decades.”

As Congress stalled, Biden said he used the president’s authority to advance the campaign’s promises and make police accountability and reform “realistic and lasting.”

Biden attended the signing ceremony at the White House with Floyd’s family and a relative of Breona Taylor, who was killed when police enforced a knock ban warrant in her apartment in 2020. In her remarks prior to her signature, Biden praised them for their sad but effort to drive change.

“It’s not about their death, it’s what we do in their memory,” he said.

A presidential directive signed on Wednesday urges federal agencies to revise policies on the use of power, ban tactics such as strangulation, limit practices such as knock ban warrants, and promote escalation techniques. doing.

It also calls for the creation of new national standards for accrediting police stations. Establish a national database to track police misconduct. In addition, it restricts the movement of military equipment to the police. It also urges institutions to implement new tools to screen for the prejudices inherent in executives and new employees, including those who foster illegal violence and hold the views of white supremacists.

According to the President, the order is “what we can do together to heal the soul of this country, especially to deal with the serious fears, trauma and malaise that black Americans have experienced for generations. It was a measure of.

At the end of the ceremony, Biden sat Floyd’s young daughter, Janna, in a chair and handed her the pen she used to sign the purchase order. Biden described how tall she had been since the last time she met her, turned to the audience and told him when Janna first met, “My dad is going to change the world. I remembered saying that.

Biden began his remarks on Tuesday in dealing with the massacre of 19 children and two teachers in Yuwalde, Texas. “We are here for the same purpose today, to get together and say’enough’,” he said.

Biden police after the action on Wednesday, which applies to more than 100,000 federal law enforcement officers, promised to do “all of my power” to deal with racism and the use of excessive force. It reflects the delicate balance of trying to strike. Civil rights groups and activists of racial justice urged him to fulfill his oath, and Republicans seized concerns about crime and sought to consider Democrats vulnerable to crime.

Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020, when a white Minneapolis police officer fixed his knee to Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes. Floyd, a black man, was handcuffed and complained that he couldn’t breathe.

His death ignited a national movement against racial injustice and dramatically changed the long-standing view of racism and racism. However, converting protests into legislative measures proved elusive to Democrats who have tight control of both parliamentary rooms.

Last year, the House of Representatives passed a law named in honor of Floyd. However, negotiations are stalled in the evenly divided Senate, which requires 60 votes to pass most bills.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in front of Biden on Wednesday, and Senate Republicans who opposed the bill to address the issue of “causing millions of Americans marching down the street” said “from moral obligations.” I’m away. “

George Floyd’s daughter Janna Floyd participated in the signature. Photo: Kevin Lamarck / Reuters

White House officials ordered after more than 100 hours of work and numerous meetings with stakeholders such as law enforcement officers, legislators, civil rights and civil rights groups, and families of victims of police violence. Said it was confirmed.

The resulting orders are much narrower than originally required, but civil rights leaders and some major police groups welcomed the policy.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson, who attended the signing ceremony on Wednesday, said, “We are fully aware that presidential orders cannot deal with the American political crisis as much as Congress can, but we can do as much as we can. I have to do that. ” In the statement.

“There is no better way to respect George Floyd’s legacy than to take action by President Biden signing a presidential directive for police reform.”

Police officer Derek Chauvin, who fixed Floyd on the ground with his knees, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. Three other former officers were convicted in federal court for violating Floyd’s civil rights.

This order applies only to federal agencies. Biden has no direct authority over state and local agencies. However, White House officials said the order encouraged law enforcement agencies at all levels to participate in national police registration and adopt the new accountability standards and deescalation policies established by the order.

Within six months of the midterm elections, the Democratic Party has overcome the complex political climate on political and criminal issues. Republicans have sought to blame Democrats for the rise in violent crimes in some cities. This is a suspicious claim related to a call made by activists to cut police funding after Floyd’s death.

As a candidate and president, Biden condemned his efforts to “defend the police,” repeating the frustration of some of his party, and the department needs more money.But as election days are approaching, Republicans have used those calls to blame Democrats.

When the draft order was leaked earlier this year, some law enforcement groups decided that some languages ​​were unfavorable. Especially unpleasant for them, according to February Report In the New York Times, it was a reference to “systematic racism” in US criminal justice.

White House officials said the text was revised and improved based on the views of stakeholders, but did not say whether the document explicitly referred to systematic racism.

Officials said the order “is not hidden from the truth that we need reforms in police and the larger criminal justice system, including dealing with systematic racism.”

Biden Signs Presidential Order for Police Reform on George Floyd’s Anniversary | US Police

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