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    Biden praises “monumental progress” when Democrats pass infrastructure bill | Joe Biden

    Joe Biden pays homage to “a monumental advance as a nation” after House on Saturday Democratic Party Finally, an agreement was reached and he sent a $ 1 trillion infrastructure package to his desk for signing. This was a great boost to the victorious administration.

    “This is a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding America,” Biden said.

    But there was also a setback when the Democratic Party postponed voting for the second larger bill. Its 10-year $ 1.85 trillion spending plan, known as Buildback Better, to strengthen health, family and climate change programs was circumvented after Centrist requested a cost estimate from the Parliamentary Budget Office (CBO). I did. Biden said he was confident that it could be passed.

    The president, who went out to address reporters at the White House, joked at the expense of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

    “Finally, that infrastructure week,” he said.

    Under the Trump administration, the government’s inability to focus on infrastructure in a constant scandal became a national punch line.

    “We are just getting started,” Biden said. “This has been postponed for a long time and has been a hot topic in Washington for a long time, but it wasn’t actually done.

    “NS House of Representatives Passed infrastructure investment and employment law. This is a bipartisan infrastructure bill, creating millions of jobs, modernizing infrastructure, roads, bridges and broadband, giving opportunities for climate crises and facing China and other world powers in the 21st century. On the road to winning the economic competition. “

    House approved A $ 1 trillion bill late Friday after the Democrats settled a month-long conflict between progressives and centrists. The bill passed 228-206. Thirteen Republicans (mainly moderates) supported the bill, and six left-wing Democrats opposed it. Among them was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York.

    Approval submitted the bill to the president’s desk, where the party struggled in this week’s elections as approval rates fell. Mr Biden said he wouldn’t sign the bill this weekend because he wanted people to be there when he signed the bill.

    “We are more excited to put the shovel on the ground,” Biden said. “Begin the reconstruction of America.

    “For everyone in the house who feels left behind and forgotten in a rapidly changing economy, this bill is for you. Most of these thousands of jobs created. Does not require a college degree. There are jobs everywhere in the country, including red states, blue states, cities, small towns, rural communities, and tribal communities.

    “This is a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding America and has been postponed for a long time.”

    This week, the Democratic candidate was defeated by the Governor of Virginia and squeezed into his home in two blue-sloping states, New Jersey. With these setbacks, leaders, centrists, and progressives couldn’t wait to show that they knew how to govern. Democrats may not be able to afford to look confused a year before the midterm elections. Republican Regain Congress.

    At the White House, Biden said: So I think that’s what Americans are looking for.

    “All the stories about elections and what do they mean? They want us to deliver. Democrats, they want us to offer. Last night we Proved that one big item can do it. Delivered. “

    The postponement of voting on the spending bill shattered expectations for a double victory. However, in a milestone mediated by Biden and House leaders, five moderates will support the bill if the CBO’s cost estimates match the numbers of White House and Congressional analysts. I agreed.

    The agreement, which lawmakers promised to vote on the bill by the week of November 15, was an important step in shipping it to the Senate. The possibility is uncertain. Must be a centrist that has passed the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, has been approved by Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona, and has proven to be obstructive so far. Hmm.

    Mr Biden said the spending bill was “financially responsible.” “It’s a fancy way to say that it’s fully paid. It doesn’t run a deficit with a penny, and it actually reduces the deficit according to the country’s leading economists in the long run. And it is paid by ensuring that the wealthiest Americans, the largest businesses, start paying their fair share. “

    Republicans emphasized that what they say is the effect of spending plans on dangerous economic inflation.

    “According to economists, this will ease inflationary pressure … by lowering the cost of working families,” Biden said.

    He also said: [the two bills] It will ease inflationary pressures and not create them. “

    Biden admitted that he could not vote for the Republican spending bill and had to “understand” how to unite his party. Friday, the effort meant an exhausting day for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She told reporters: This is the Democratic Party. We are not a rock step party. “

    Mr Biden said he was confident that he could find the votes he needed. When asked what gave him that confidence, the president hinted at his legislative experience as a senator and vice president, saying “I.”

    On Friday night, Biden and his wife Jill Biden postponed planning a trip to Delaware because the president was using the phone. Pramira Jayapal, Washington, leader of Parliamentary Progressive Caucus, told reporters that Biden had even called his mother in India. The reason was unknown.

    “This wasn’t a bribe to me, it was when it was all over,” Jayapal said, adding that his mother “continued to scream like a little girl.”

    Biden praises “monumental progress” when Democrats pass infrastructure bill | Joe Biden

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