Biden pledges fight for voting rights at SC State commencement ceremony – Florence, South Carolina


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Orangeburg, South Carolina (AP) — President Joe Biden promised to fight for stagnant election rights and a police reform bill on Friday, giving South Carolina State University graduates a month-long consultation with lawmakers. He addressed the harsh reality that the bill could not be brought closer to legislation. ..

Biden is at the Historically Black College, where his nearly $ 2 trillion social and environmental bill was enacted this year as he wanted due to continued disagreements among fellow Democrats. I spoke the day after I admitted that it was unlikely to be done. Republicans unanimously oppose spending.

In his opening speech in December, the president wore a black gown and lamented the GOP opposition to prevent the voting rights bill from advancing in the 50-50 Senate after passing through the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. He blamed “another team that was once called the Republican Party” for even refusing to allow discussions on the bill.

“But this fight isn’t over,” Biden said. “We will continue to fight until it is complete.”

As the NAACP and similar groups have complained to the White House about the lack of progress on this issue, Biden has vowed to continue pushing to protect what he called the “sacred right to vote.” I’m standing. After the Republican-controlled legislature has passed a wave of restrictive new voting laws, voting rights are a priority for Democrats heading for next year’s midterm elections.

Biden expressed similar support for police reform, another important issue for the black community, after a series of police killings of black men.

The House passed drastic police reform measures earlier this year in response to Floyd’s murder, but months of negotiations between bipartisan senator groups failed to draft a bill.

Biden also vowed to continue to demand police reform.

“The battle isn’t over,” he told Jim Clyburn, the Democratic Party of South Carolina’s only delegation at the House’s majority’s alma mater, the highest-ranking black member of Congress. Sitting on stage with Biden, Cliburn earned a degree from his longtime friend, the President.

Biden, who is part of a laras speech for graduates as they prepare to advance into the world, uses his appearance primarily in front of a black audience to make his administration economical and educational. It could sound like a candidate because he emphasized how he worked to improve his position, from increasing funding to historic black colleges to fighting housing discrimination.

Black voters in South Carolina and other states were an important part of the coalition that helped Biden win the election as president.

He also touched on the infrastructure bill he recently signed the law. This includes thousands of new job promises, but he avoided discussing his highlights of social services and environmental bills. The move faces opposition, primarily from fellow Democrats in West Virginia, Senator Joe Manchin, and the uncertain fate of next year when Democrats need to pay off for a reelection in November. Because it is, it remains bottled in the Senate.

Biden also promised to help eradicate hatred and racism, mentioning the January 6 riots at the Capitol, running in hopes of overturning his elections, and a historic black. I talked about gratitude to the university. He said key members of his team graduated from a historic black college, including Vice President Kamala Harris, a graduate of Howard University.

“You can defeat hatred, but you can’t eliminate it,” Biden said. “It just slips under the rock and when oxygenated by political leaders, it gets ugly and makes the same sense as before. You can’t oxygenate. We have to step on it. . “

He did not discuss legislative strategies, such as how to turn Democratic opposition to the $ 2 trillion plan into support. All he offered was a promise to keep fighting — the same advice he gave his graduates.

Biden tells them that their “secret power” is the ability to understand the injustices and complexity of the world, and the lasting legacy of racism puts black Americans at a disadvantage in their homes and economic mobility. Said that.

When Cliburn graduated in 1961, there was no December ceremony, so he received his diploma by mail. Instead of addressing this year’s graduates as scheduled, Cliburn joined the procession of students on stage and earned a degree from Biden.

The president came in a hectic time for his agenda, as the future of his $ 2 trillion social and environmental spending package was questionable. The Democrats wanted the bill to progress before Christmas, but continued disagreements among lawmakers almost stopped negotiations, and Biden himself signaled the Democrats that they should focus on passing the voting rights bill.

On Friday, Senate Democrats flocked personally like a few weeks, coordinating parliamentary experts and filibuster rules to push Republican opposition out, voting and elections ahead of the interim period of 2022. Discussed how to allow the bill to pass. No decision has been reached, but Senators claim they are making progress.

Biden and Cliburn were planning a rally in South Carolina, Cliburn told reporters this week, and they thought the Friday ceremony was sufficient. This exchange is important for both, as Biden is the first in South Carolina to become president and Cryburn’s public support is alleged to have pushed Biden to the Democratic nomination.

At the pinnacle of South Carolina’s first Southern Primary, Biden secured public support from Cliburn after struggling with less than stellar performances in other early voting contests. Candidates to stand up for their benefit.

Biden then defeated rival Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday and claimed a nomination before defeating Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the general election.

Superville reported from Washington. AP Parliamentary correspondent Lisa Mascaro contributed to this report from Washington.

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Biden pledges fight for voting rights at SC State commencement ceremony Source link Biden pledges fight for voting rights at SC State commencement ceremony

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