Biden needs to lead Harry Truman to counter the Ukrainian and later Putin designs


This happens when a well-meaning gradualist locks the horn with a brutal opportunist.

Opportunists seize the opportunity.

This happens when one of the most traditional politicians remaining on the scene in the United States faces a historic conflict with the world’s wisest authoritarians.

Authoritarians take the initiative.

This is the president Joe Biden, 79 years old, confronts the president after many years of being badly beaten by our messy democracy Vladimir Putin, 69, appears to be more determined than ever in his 30 years of authoritarian rule.

Unless President Biden can turn this ongoing Ukraine crisis into an opportunity, by rallying allies and managing internal departments as President Harry Truman did at another such turning point, with Europe. The recession of the world can occur across generations.

Putin (with China’s moral and material support) to reverse the most important consequences of the Cold War, unless, like Truman, the United States and its allies can turn the tide to take control. Will continue his long campaign: The principle of changing world countries navigating the future together.

“These principles” Said This week Berlin Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “Established as a result of the two World Wars and the Cold War, one country denies the right to force a change in the borders of another, and the policies or choices it pursues. To another country. Make, including dating with whom or exercising a range of influence that makes the sovereign’s neighbor submit to that will. “

Blinken’s words It’s powerful and easily lost in the dissonance of this week’s news noise, so it’s worth repeating here.

“Allowing Russia to violate these principles with impunity would far divide the continent and the city into two, separated by no man’s land, patroled by soldiers, and with all threats. It will bring us all back in times of danger and instability.-Wars hanging in the heads of all. It is also that these principles are consumables, which will also have devastating consequences. Will be sent to other people around the world. “

Some argue that the United States is not in a position to lead this groundbreaking defense during the post-Cold War era, with democracy split, discouraged, and the president’s popularity plummeting ahead of the decisive mid-term elections. increase.

But that’s even more reason to look at Harry Truman, who took office in April 1945 after Franklin Roosevelt died at the end of World War II. His Democratic Party was severely divided between the progressives of the big cities and the Conservatives of the South.

Nevertheless, despite being generally more conservative American voters, he advocated what today would pass as a far-left initiative, expanding the welfare state and strengthening government intervention in the economy.

If that all sounds familiar, the Truman Democratic Party (the first post-WWII election) in 1946 lost 54 Republican seats and 11 Republican seats prior to this year’s midterm elections. It’s also worth remembering that you lost it. In the Senate, the Republicans were able to control both constituencies for the first time since 1932.

It happens, especially with regard to foreign policy, where the United States struggled to find its identity in the post-war sea changes, despite the well-known controversy between the right and medium wings of the Republicans. rice field. An old conservative non-intervention guard, led by Ohio State Senator Robert Taft, was joking for influence on the wings of internationalism, along with members like Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. ..

(History may not repeat, but it may certainly linger, but white supremacy is Georgia’s main election theme, and Governor Eugene Talmadge wipes out blacks from the voting list. I won the 4th term behind the campaign.)

The hustle and bustle of the party never ends. Truman resigned in January 1953, achieving a historically low approval rate of 22% year-on-year due to the prolonged Korean War, economic slowdown, labor insecurity, and government corruption.

However, in response to Soviet challenges such as the Marshall Plan in 1948, the Berlin Blockade in 1948-49, and the founding of NATO in 1949, he is now considered one of America’s greatest presidents. .. His political, diplomatic, military and economic initiatives set the stage for internationalist US foreign policy, which set the stage for the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

President Biden should keep all of this in mind, as experts advise him to “go in the right direction” right now to avoid the administration’s failure.

One government official listed three major mistakes that must be addressed immediately. Inflation risk due to poor management of the ongoing Covid-19 challenge, failure to thank the politics that sank his “Build Back Better” bill, and most importantly, his election hopes. Underestimation.

But even if President Biden could “go in the right direction” to address all these domestic challenges, that might be an easy part. It was Truman’s treatment of international affairs that gained his place in history and shaped the world with the inflections that shaped the post-war era.The stakes are just as historic for Biden, who was right To see that in our time “Inflection”

Biden Caused a fuss At a long press conference this Wednesday, he seemed to suggest that allies were divided on what to do about a “minor invasion” into Ukraine.

U.S. officials Corrected his statement To calm Ukrainian leaders and domestic critics, the Washington Post editorial board Opine The president “told the truth.”

As this column Insisted On January 9, Putin’s actions were designed to divide NATO’s allies and US domestic politics in the best possible way, due to the continued accumulation of Russia’s military and hybrid capabilities, and many Can be more subtle and messy than you might expect.

Secretary of State Blinken This Week of his friday meeting The meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov seems to have spent time on further discussions with the Russians. perhaps, As an analysis of military personnel by the Atlantic Council points out, It can easily provide more time to complete the military preparations for the invasion.

After all, the problem is not the nature of Putin’s next move, but the pesky orbit behind it, including Russia’s invasion of Georgia during President George W. Bush’s era in 2008, and the invasion and merger of Crimea in 2014. This trial of President Barack Obama, and now President Biden.

As Truman Said in 1952Towards a country that is politically divided and rallyed against the non-intervention forces, “Leadership in the world of these dangerous times requires policies that transcend it, born of self-interest. The desire of free people. “

— —Frederick Kemp President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council.

Biden needs to lead Harry Truman to counter the Ukrainian and later Putin designs

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