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    Biden angry at acquittal for Kenosha murder

    President Joe Biden He and many other Americans said he was “angry and worried” on Friday Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal He killed two men and injured a third, but said he “must obey” the jury’s verdict.

    Biden sought calm in Kenosha, Wisconsin, recognizing civilian anxiety and strong sentiment that led to the shootings by Rittenhaus last year, and officials admitted that it could recur after his acquittal.

    In a prepared statement, the President urges everyone to speak peacefully in line with the rule of law. What violence and destruction of property is to our democracy? It’s useless. “

    “The White House and federal authorities are in contact with the governor [Tony] The Evers office prepared for the consequences of this incident, and I spoke with the Governor this afternoon to provide the support and assistance needed to ensure public safety. “

    Biden initially spoke to reporters shortly after the jury found Rittenhouse acquittal of all five crimes.

    “I support the jury’s conclusion,” Biden said outside the White House. “The jury system is working and we must comply with it,” the president said.

    Shortly thereafter, the White House issued a written statement by Biden.

    “The verdict in Kenosha will make many Americans angry and worried, but we must admit that the jury, including myself, has said it,” Biden said.

    “I have fulfilled my promise to bring Americans together because I believe that what unites us is much greater than what divides us,” he said.

    “We know we’re not going to heal the wounds of the country overnight, but we’ll do our best to ensure that all Americans are treated fairly and dignifiedly under the law. I am sticking to my commitment.

    Biden, who said he hadn’t seen the trial in a tweet from his account last year, included an image of the Rittenhouse in a photo and video montage to blow up the then president. Donald Trump To refuse “Denying white supremacists at the debate stage.”

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    The shooting of the AR-15-style rifle by Rittenhaus occurred in public anxiety over the shooting of black Jacob Blake by a white policeman, who remained paralyzed from the waist down.

    Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, Monday Biden refused to answer questions about why Rittenhouse suggested that he was a white supremacist...

    However, in her reply, Saki hinted that Rittenhaus was a guard.

    “What I don’t talk about right now is the ongoing trial, not the president’s past comments,” Pusaki said. “Once again, the president’s view is that, broadly speaking, vigilants should not be used to patrol the community with assault weapons.”

    “We shouldn’t have opportunists who riot the communities they claim to represent and corrupt peaceful protests by burning them down,” she said.

    “We believe that justice was provided in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial,” Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican representative of Wisconsin, said in a statement.

    “I hope everyone can accept the ruling, maintain peace, heal and rebuild the Kenosha community,” Johnson said.

    Biden angry at acquittal for Kenosha murder

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