Biden Administration Sends Opposing Signals On Islamofascist Terror Threat – Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-19 06:09:58 –

At a disturbing level of turmoil, lack of coordination, and an exhibition of widely different decisions, two major security authorities in our country in the fight against terrorism by Islamofascists took the opposite position on this issue.

On the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda attacked the United States. FBI Secretary Christopher Ray and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus had very different systems of belief in our security, killing 2,996 people that day. The threat posed by the emerging restructuring of Islamic terrorist organizations in state and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Answering questions from reporters to commemorate the anniversary, Mallorcus said“At this time, there is no specific credible threat to the homeland,” he announced a standard fare rhetoric about “always vigilant.”

But in a recent podcast episode of the Inside the FBI, Ray said Something completely opposite. “”[T]The first thing I say about the threat of terrorism today and the 9/11 contrast is that it is as threatening today as it was on 9/11, “Ray said.

Ray further states that threats continue to translocate in the form of sleeping cells, but like cells that have carried out attacks on targets at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93, Islamic fascists are now causing terrorist groups. , Act independently.

“What we see today is not just that threat, but a wider variety of threats,” Ray said.

Why this is important

This is a great example of how the Biden administration is disjointed and unorganized. Given the topic as serious as Islamofascist terrorism, and the Biden administration’s promotion of the restructuring of a series of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan’s concessions, we must inevitably demand better performance of our duties. It will not be.

Whether or not he enjoyed the strange approach from former President George W. Bush to President Trump, Mr. Bush responded in a proper way in the aftermath of the attack. The attack interrupted the agenda of the educated president and changed his presidency to addressing the threat of Islamofascists to our country as its top priority. He pivoted to tackle an unexpected problem.

In stark contrast, the Biden administration has escaped from the key points needed to prioritize the agenda in a way that can only be opportunistically explained as political and timid. In fact, the refusal to pivot to address a more powerful homeland threat than we experienced on September 10, 2001 puts all Americans at a clear and present danger. It is.

Mr. Biden and his team are unnatural that away from the crisis in Afghanistan, the politics of racial and gender identities, and the defeated virus are the biggest problems facing our country. I pitifully tried to return to the story. Only fools will believe this is true. And only deceivers will try to buy this ridiculous premise to the people of the United States.

Faced with this highly realistic threat from the Islamofascist Middle East, and on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attack, should our government cease transformative politics? Shouldn’t we carry out the gist of the agenda to keep the American people safe?

The answer to honest and true civil servants is “yes” to both questions. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of honest and true politicians in the elected federal government. To make matters worse, the bureaucracy is the fact that it is running wildly on these elected officials who take over the actual government positions here in the United States.

We US citizens do not have a representative government. Those who dominate today are subordinate to special interest groups, global oligarchy, and multinational corporations of activists who are whimsically bullying the world’s governments.

Our freedom unless we, the people, exercise enormous intestinal strength, re-authorize the state to regain power from the federal government, and immediately convene a constitutional treaty to wipe out the current equipment. Our constitutional rights have been lost to the Republic, and true freedom and freedom are just the words of history books.

Declaration of independence reading, To some extent:

“… Governments are established among men and draw their legitimate power from the consent of the government. Whenever any form of government comes to destroy these purposes, it is changed or abolished and new. It is people’s right to establish a government, and it seems that building on such principles and organizing their power in that way is most likely to affect their safety and well-being. You might think … When a long line of abuse and abuse always pursues the same purpose, the design to reduce them is proven Absolute monopoly politics, it is their right and such a government It is their duty to abandon and provide new guards for their future safety … “




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Biden Administration Sends Opposing Signals On Islamofascist Terror Threat Source link Biden Administration Sends Opposing Signals On Islamofascist Terror Threat

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