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    Best juicers for 2021 – CNET

    Whether you like the taste of fresh juice or want to add extra fruits and vegetables to your diet, there are many reasons. Juice at home.. But what is the best juicer for your specific needs? We tested eight of the best-selling and top-reviewed centrifugal juicers and found the one that gave oranges the most OJ.

    Entry-level juicers produce tense juices in seconds as the blades rotate at high speeds to chop produce and push it into a mesh sieve. These centrifuges are noisy and cluttered, but nothing beats fresh juice at home, especially if you’re using it yourself. Homemade produce.. -You know you want to add one or two leafy vegetables from your garden to a delicious and nutritious juice.

    You also need to make sure that the juicer is easy to clean and has enough power. I don’t have time to use a manual juicer when I’m trying to get out of the door in the morning. The juicer also needs a feed tube large enough to hold larger produce. Even if you plan to squeeze only citrus fruits and celery, there are many options and you need the ability to extract those sweet juices. At your fingertips. If you’re on that market, get green juice or nut milk and keep reading the best juicer recommendations for 2021. Here’s how to shake everything.

    Look at this:

    5 things you need to know before buying a juicer


    Molly Price / CNET

    Hamilton Beach performed best when it came to getting the most citrus juices from oranges and green juices from kale (the top fruits and vegetables in most grocery lists). Also, test apple juice to see how the juicer processes hard fruit (the winners are below). This 800 watt juicer has only one speed. All the other juicers we tested were twin gear juicers and had at least two speeds, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

    For just $ 65, Big Mouth wins the title of the best juicer on today’s budget when he wants to juice fruits and leafy vegetables. It is also safe in the dishwasher. In my opinion, it’s as important as the quality of the juice. My only complaint is that the Big Mouth doesn’t come with a juice receptacle to put under the spout. Many other models include this, but if you’re putting the juice directly into your glass or pitcher, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Molly Price / CNET

    Faithful to the shape of Breville, this vertical juicer looks great at the high end. The Breville JE98XL is the best juicer after Hamilton Beach in terms of performance, delivering the best apple juice yields in the group. This 2-speed, 850-watt Breville Juicer is expensive at $ 120, but comes with some great features.

    It includes a 1 liter juice pitcher and, more importantly, a “foam separator”. This convenient divider in the pitcher keeps the frothy top layer of your juice while you pour the good stuff. As with all juicers on this list, brush accessories for cleaning the mesh sieving basket inside the juicer machine are also available.

    Molly Price / CNET

    Oster’s Jus Simple Juicer wins the best design. It was easy to use and easy to clean. The sporty red coating on the filter is easier to clean than the uncoated metal model. Convenient rotating spouts in open and closed positions prevent juice from dripping from the feed chute onto the countertop.

    JusSimple also features a wide 3-inch mouth, which reduces the need to chop the juicer to match the produce. Illuminated speed dials add to the sophistication of this model. I didn’t get the best results (Oster is now four-eighths), but it was fun to use. If it is for sale, we would be happy if we could provide a permanent home on the countertop.

    Other models

    The above three juicers performed best, but we tested a total of eight juicers. The other five models are:

    • Kuvings NJ Series Centrifugal Juicer: This juice was third in terms of juice extraction. I’ve stepped into something as expensive as $ 149, but if you’ve seen it for sale, that’s a good bet.
    • Vagot DB-001: For just $ 60, this juicer is a budget model that can get the job done.
    • Mueller Austria: This 1,100 watt juicer was too average in performance to guarantee a price of $ 150.
    • Cuisinart CJE-1000: This looks good, but it slows down performance. $ 179 is also expensive.
    • Black + Decker: This juicer was our worst performance, but it’s an affordable way to try juice for only $ 40.

    How the juicer test works

    Testing a juicer, well, means a juicer. We collected apples, oranges and kale and tested these juicers with a variety of produce textures.


    Molly Price / CNET


    To test the fast functioning of the juicer, we cored three red apples into quarters (we used organic gala apples for this round of testing). Next, we weighed apples, an empty juice container, and an empty juicer on a large kitchen scale. Next, I squeezed the apples with a high juicer setting. If you have multiple speeds, this is the apple speed recommended in the manual.


    Molly Price / CNET

    The result is a pink juice with light brown pulp. Once the juice was squeezed, the filled juice container and juicer containing apple waste were measured to determine the amount of juice that came out of the apple and finally the amount of apple in the fruit flesh container. .. This is the same method I used for oranges and kale.


    The three navel oranges were peeled off to remove the fibrous central pulp. I measured them and an empty juicer and juice receptacle. Depending on the size of the juicer’s shoot, the orange was cut into wedges to fit the shoot.


    Fresh orange juice can be very frothy.

    Molly Price / CNET

    For orange juice, I set the juicer to slow. This is a good setting for soft fruits like oranges. Once the juicer was complete, I weighed everything again and took notes.


    The juicer test would not be complete without the leafy vegetable element. Notably here, most centrifugal juicers are not as good as cold press juicers (also known as slow mastic juicers) for extracting juice from greens. Still, it is possible, and some centrifugal juicers are doing their job.


    Kale juice is certainly colorful.

    Molly Price / CNET

    Similar to the apple and orange juice tests, the weight of the equipment and the leaves of three large kale were measured and recorded. (No need to trim here. Kale stalks are nutritious and pass through a juicer.) For kale juice, the amount is much smaller, so if you are keen on squeezing leafy ones Makes the juicer mastic. It may be a better bet for you.

    Compare all models





    Black + Decker












    Hamilton beach








    Mueller Austria








    Things to consider

    Centrifugal juicers are suitable for processing oranges, apples and many other fruits and vegetables. When it comes to greens, centrifugal juicers are not the best bet. It’s important to think about what you will drink the juice most often.

    Of course, all three tests also consider factors other than weight data. It is advisable to look for a juicer with a wide mouth and about 3 inches. It will significantly reduce the amount of preparation you need to make before you drink the juice. I’m also a big fan of the included juice pitcher with a foam separator (for its value, I also prefer pulp-free orange juice).

    Other useful additions include a brush (included in most juicers) and a cap that covers the spout and suction cups on the base of the juicer to keep it stable on the counter.

    No matter which electric juicer you choose, you’ll be fully satisfied by turning extra fruits and homemade produce into a tall glass of refreshing juice. The fun doesn’t even have to stop there. What did I do with all the test juices? I made a frozen juice pop.


    Orange popsicles waiting for summer.

    Molly Price / CNET

    More food and drink in 2021

    Best juicers for 2021 – CNET Source link Best juicers for 2021 – CNET

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