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    Best humidifiers | Live Science

    Breathing clean air is high on everyone’s agenda, which is where the best humidifiers step in. These appliances are ideal for solving the problems that arise due to dry air that can include sinus problems and cracked skin that’s lacking moisture. In this guide, we’ve meticulously researched humidifiers that are worth your time and put them to their paces in a series of tests in order to review them. That means that you can be sure of what you’ll be getting when you pick the humidifier that’s best suited to you.

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    “Humidifiers add moisture to indoor air and are often used in homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips, and skin caused by drier indoor air. However, it’s important to note, excess moisture can also encourage the growth of biological organisms, including mold in the home.” – Tim Carroll, Environmental Protection Agency 

    Over the last two years, it’s fair to say that we’ve all increased the time we spend inside and grown to monitor our air quality a little closer. That’s one reason why the popularity of humidifiers has skyrocketed, just like the rise in sales of the best air purifiers. You might be wondering, do humidifiers help with allergies? They can contribute to altering the humidity levels in your home in order to avoid triggering allergy symptoms and help filter out dust, dander, and virus particles from the air, all of which can trigger undesirable problems.

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