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There are not much colleges in Nunavut. As a matter of fact, the province has only one college. This college is also the only high institution in the province. Therefore most of the residents of Nunavut who want to study in Nunavut use this college.

Although, higher education is still at the beginning phase in in Nunavut, the Government of Nunavut has however recognized that higher education is critical for economic as well as intellectual development.

Therefore, they are trying very well to invest in more colleges in Nunavut. However, they have not done much to address unique challenges and opportunities found in the province.

In order to solve this problem, the Nunavut Adult Learning Strategy completed in March 2006, recommended a five-year strategy to address the needs of the adult learner in Nunavut.

Among their resolutions are career training, literacy, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (traditional knowledge) as well as professional education.

One of the purposes of these recommendations is to develop a system that is peculiar to the culture and history of the Inuit.

Furthermore, the report gives an idea to restructure the Department of Education, thereby changing how vocational and apprentice training is delivered. In addition to that, it will also improve career guidance and development, and the creation of a mature student graduation certificate.

Going further, they recommended that Adult literacy is identified a key barrier for employment for Arctic inhabitants especially Inuit. This is because Nunavut is a region with jobs in skilled sectors like mining, fishing, tourism and government.

Also, according to the report, there is need for more colleges in Nunavut. However, they encouraged Nunavut Arctic College to continue working with major Canadian universities to deliver specialized training.

Nunavut Arctic College

Also known as NAC, Nunavut Arctic College is the only college in Nunavut. It is a public college created through the Nunavut Arctic College Act on January 1st, 1995. The College serves the need of all adult residents in Nunavut by providing post secondary education.

Usually, it does this through its  President, Board of Governors, and the Minister Responsible for Nunavut Arctic College.

The first duty of the college is to deliver adult and post-secondary education, including trades and apprenticeship as well as bachelor degree programs through agreements with other universities in Canada.

Whereas the College undertakes program operations, the universities confer degrees to Learners who have successfully completed those programs.

In addition to the programs, the only College in Nunavut also tries to be active on the national and international stage by promoting the generation, communication and retention of knowledge. Usually, they do this through applied research at the Nunavut Innovation and Research Institute (NIRI).

The College boasts of about 250 staff spread across all 25 communities of Nunavut. In order to serve the residents of Nunavut well, it has 3 regional campuses in Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, and Cambridge Bay.

Apart from the three campuses, it also has 22 Community Learning Centers in the remaining communities as well as a unique cultural school located in Clyde River.

Mission of Arctic College in Nunavut

The mission is to strengthen the people and the communities of Nunavut. It does this by providing life-long learning opportunities for the residents through high quality adult education programs.

One way of doing this is by pathnering with universities in Canada. The second way is by bringing out the benefits of Inuit traditional knowledge and making southern science more accessible.

Vision of Nunavut Arctic College

The major vision of Nunavut Arctic College is to offer relevant programs of the highest national standards to the residents. It tries to do this by advancing of their language and culture.  

Nunavut Arctic College Programs

The college offers the following programs to its students:


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Arctic Nursing)
  • Social Services Worker Program
  • Pre-Nursing


  • Nunavut Teacher Education Program
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Early Childhood Education Applied Certificate Program
  • Early Childhood Education Diploma Program
  • College Foundations
  • Getting Ready For Employment and Training (G.R.E.A.T.)
  • Pathway To Adult Secondary School (PASS)


  • Nunavut Law Degree Program


  • Interpreter Translation Diploma Program
  • Inuinnaqtun Language Revitalization Certificate Program
  • Inuit Studies Diploma Program


  • Jewelry and Metalwork Program
  • Fur Design and Production Program


  • Management Studies
  • Computer Systems Technician
  • Municipal Government Program
  • Office Administration

Environmental Technology Program

  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Carpenter
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Apprenticeship Housing Maintainer
  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Oil Burner Mechanic
  • Pre-Trades
  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Plumber
  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Electrician
  • Culinary Arts
  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Housing Maintainer
  • Occupation
  • Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Cook
  • Fur Design and Production
  • Foundation
  • Trades Access

Nunavut Arctic College Partnerships

Nunavut Arctic College in order to achieve its mission partners with the following universities in Canada:

  • Memorial University
  • Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) with the University of Regina
  • Nursing Program with Dalhousie University
  • Law with University of Saskatchewan
  • Nunavut Fisheries Marine Training Consortium with the Marine Institute of Newfoundland
  • Research partnership with Irving Shipbuilding Incorporated

Education System For Colleges in Nunavut

First of all it is the responsibility of Curriculum Development division to set the education program of colleges in Nunavut. Among the responsibilities are the design, development, adoption and review of Education Program content. Additionally, it also sets the the curriculum including:

  • programs of study
  • resources for students
  • teachers and administrators resources

Curriculum of Colleges in Nunavut

The Curriculum Development division is responsible for setting the curriculum for collages in Nunavut. Therefore, they are responsible for:

  • development, adoption/adaptation 
  • implementation of all curriculum,
  • foundation documents
  • teaching resources
  • student learning materials

In addition, it organizes everything associated with programs of study for all grades (K to 12) in the Nunavut public school as well as the only college in Nunavut. 

Colleges Near Nunavut

To cover for the lack of colleges in Nunavut, the list below shows colleeges near Nunavut. As such, residents of Nunavut can also enroll into them. Many colleges in Nova Scotia also serve residents of Nunavut

  • Bethany College
  • Briercrest College and Seminary
  • Carlton Trail Regional College
  • Horizon College and Seminary
  • College Mathieu
  • Cumberland College
  • Eston College
  • Great Plains College
  • Nipawin Bible College
  • Northlands College
  • North West Regional College
  • Parkland College
  • Canadian Coast Guard College
  • Gaelic College
  • Kingston Bible College
  • Nova Scotia Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there colleges in Nunavut?

There is only one college in the province of Nunavut. In addition, this college is the province’s lone secondary school. It, on the other hand, has campuses and Community Learning Centers in each of the 25 communities.

What is the tuition fee in Nunavut?

The full-time tuition fees for degree programs in Nunavut is $4100 per year. However, tuition fees different courses may vary. The tuition fee for certificate and diploma programs is $300 while degree programs cost $375 

What programs are offers in Nunavut?

Through its partnership programs, the Nunavut Artic College offers different degree, certificate and diploma programs including law, business, environmental technology.



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