Best Cities in Prince Edward Island for Newcomers


With several active yet secure neighborhoods, Prince Edward Island boasts some of the best cities to live in. So, what are the best cities in Prince Edward Island?

The top cities in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, provide a wide range of sights and activities that are shaped by the people’s arts, culture, and history.

Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall, Three Rivers, and Kensington are among the cities with good accessibility.

Many residents in these locations enjoy a high standard of living at a low cost. We’re sure you’re curious in the differences between these cities.

As a result, we have outlined the greatest cities to reside in on Prince Edward Island, as well as what you should know.

Many residents in these locations enjoy a high standard of living at a low cost. We’re sure you’re curious in the differences between these cities.

Where is Prince Edward Island?

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, and one of the loveliest. It is also the least populous.

Prince Edward Island is an island of red sand beaches, historic lighthouses, and fertile farmlands.

The best seafood like lobster and mussels can be found on the island. Its population is estimated at 156,947.

Prince Edward Island (PEI for short) has 2 cities, 10 towns, and 50 communities. These are divided into 3 counties – the Queens, Kings, and Prince Counties.

Notwithstanding its size, PEI has a combination of beautiful sights and scenes, irresistible to the newcomer and its residents.

The charm and welcoming nature of its residents is summarized in the words of a Charlottetown resident – Li Yuan who said “When you walk down the street in Prince Edward Island, it is likely that people you don’t know will smile and say “Hi!” to you. Don’t be scared, it is a part of the local culture to be nice and welcoming.”

Prince Edward Island is a fantastic place with some of the best cities to live in Canada. Taking up residence in any of its cities is settling down to a place called home. Read on, and know about Prince Edward Island’s charming cities.

Why Choose Prince Edwards Island?

There are many reasons why PEI is a good choice for a newcomer to Canada.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in PEI is very low, mainly due to the fact that it is a small island. PEI enjoys the advantage of the low cost of housing utility and food.

As a matter of fact, the island is so small that one could actually just walk to his destination, more often than drive.


The way the island is, every other municipality is in proximity to wherever you’re. So, even if the transportation system isn’t so great, you can quickly locate other places on this island.

Festivals and Culture

The island is rich in culture and festivals. In PEI, every day is a holiday because there are many events waiting for you to be part of. The fact is, Prince Edward Island has more holidays and festivals than other provinces in the country.

No rush hour

If you live in a city, you will find this a great relief. Living in PEI means you no longer have to worry about long drives stuck in traffic. Everything you need is right there with you.

Wonderful Immigration programs

PEI welcomes immigrants through several programs. Most immigrants come to the PEI through their Provincial Nomination Program.

There are four categories in P.E.I.’s Provincial Nomination Program: Investors, Entrepreneurs, Skilled Workers, and those with connections to the island.

If you’re ready to start a new life in Prince Edward Island, find the program that’s just for you.

Top 2 Cities of Prince Edward Island

1. Charlottetown – the birthplace of confederation

Charlottetown (named after Queen Charlotte) is the biggest city in PEI, with a population of 36,094. It is the capital of Prince Edward Island.

The famous Charlottetown Conference of 1864, was held here, at the Province House National Historic Site.

The backbone of this city’s economy is the public sector as well as the education and healthcare sectors. 11 National Historic Sites of Canada are located in Charlottetown.

Its major cultural hub is the Confederation Centre of the Arts. The center has an Art Gallery, A museum, and theatres.

With so many historic sights to see, a newcomer to the city only needs to hop on a double-decker, to get a one-hour tour and orientation of the charming city.

Charlottetown’s Airport is the only airport in PEI. It is also home to the University of Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic Veterinary College.

2. Summerside – city by the sea

Summerside’s population of 14,829, is located in Prince County. The city is the center of the biggest employer – the agency of the Canadian government.

Summerside is the second-largest city on Prince Edward Island. It is famous for its shipbuilding history which has been a boost to the city’s economy from the start.

These days, industries like food manufacturing, aerospace, and information technology industries have joined the league.

At Summerside, one can find historic buildings, a picturesque waterfront district, and a vibrant cultural scene. Summer outdoor concerts are performed at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada.

There are more than 1000 businesses and many offices in Summerside, giving residents numerous job opportunities.

Summerside has 7 English public schools and 1 French public school. The English Language School board has an office in the city. Summerside Waterfront Campus, Marine Training Center, and Atlantic Police Academy are part of what gives the Summerside educational sector an edge.

Also in Summerside, one can find the Summerside Raceway which is believed to be the oldest operating racing track in Canada.

Credit Union Place is the largest indoor sports facility in the province with a large hockey arena, a bowling alley, and other fitness and meeting facilities.

The Harbourfront Theatre, College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts, Summerside Golf and Country Club, PEI Sports Hall of Fame, all keep Summerside busy, despite its size.

Summerside’s former post office was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1983, as well as the former railway station built in 1927.

Top 3 Beautiful Tourist Attractions of Prince Edward Island


Stratford is a favorite of tourists because the standard and cost of living is moderate. The Stratford in Queens County is connected to Charlottetown by the famous Hillsborough River Bridge.

The town has witnessed significant population growth since the improvement of the Hillsborough River Bridge which connects it with Charlottetown.

It boasts a population of 9,706. It is an amalgamation of communities like Bunbury, Cross Roads, Keppoch-Kinlock, and Southport.

Top attractions in Stratford are Points East Coastal Drive, Haszard Point Range Front Lighthouse and the Fox Meadow Golf Course. Tea Hill Park and Beach.


Cornwall is a very calm place to live, with its population of 5,348. It is in the Queens County. It is an incorporation of communities of Cornwall, Eliot River, and North River. The city was amalgamated in April, 1995 and became the Town of Cornwall.

Part of its economic success is due to the establishment of Cornwall Business Park in 1997. The cost of living in the Town of Cornwall is very low – about 5% lower than the average cost of living on the island.

Another good news for the newcomer is that you can buy a home or rent an apartment here because the real estate prices in Cornwall are 36% lower than the island’s average. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Three Rivers – the Canadian Heritage River

The Town of Three Rivers invites you to make history with it, as one of PEI’s largest and most vibrant town. With a population of 7,200 (according to the, the official website).

In 2018 when a group of communities came together to form the Town of Three Rivers, they brought with them, entrepreneurship, innovation, culture and friendship. What you see today, is a fast-growing town with more people moving in.

As the name suggests, Three Rivers is a place where 3 rivers meet – the Montague, the Cardigan and the Brudenell Rivers.


Population, 1,600. This small town has a lot of benefits for its residents. It is close to Summerside and Charlottetown and this is an advantage for people who want to be close to these places, maybe looking for somewhere close to live. Also, housing is cheap, and the environment is green and vast.

Most people who live in Kensington work in Summerside and Charlottetown and that is because the standard of living in Kensington, is lower than that of most places in PEI, which is why most people who live here work in Summerside or Charlottetown to get an improved income.

But it’s a safe place to live as the crime rate is very low and the schooling system is excellent.

The former Kensington Railway Station was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1976.

When you pop into Kensington, try visiting MacGregor’s Old Wet Town. A tour of Kensngton town is incomplete without it.

According to popular reviews by tourists and newcomers, the Haunted Mansion is well worth its name, with spooky corners and scenes made for horror movies, for people of all ages.

Kensington Veterans Memorial Military Museum is just across the street from Haunted Mansion. It is full of treasures, filled to the brim with history.

This monument is near the most delicious pub in town called Kensington Station Restaurant.

We have successfully highlighted some of the best cities to live in Prince Edward Island and what you need to know. Hope this article was useful?



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