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    Best Blackjack Tips from Professional Players

    Chances are you want to take your blackjack playing abilities to the next level – that is why you are looking for pro tips from the experts of 21.

    To beat the dealer consistently like the big cats of blackjack do, you need to develop a remarkable card counting ability, solid commitment, sound money management skills, and of course – lady luck standing confidently behind you!

    If you are ready to start making some pretty big earnings on the blackjack table, the following tips will come in handy.

    Understand how the game works

    Like many games out there, blackjack has its rules, variances, and different ways of playing it. The first step to winning like a pro is to have a thorough understanding of the game. After all, you won’t refer to someone as an expert in a field if the person doesn’t’t have a deep understanding of the subject. So, having a good grasp of the game is a no-brainer! You should know how the house edge affects your winnings, how card counting really works, and so on.

    Card Counting

    Now let’s move to a somewhat scary path that pros take to make big wins – card counting. We know you’ve heard that if you are caught counting cards, the casino or the online game will kick you out.

    Although it’s not illegal according to the rules of the game, card counting is frowned upon by many casinos for the obvious reason that it gives players a winning edge over the house.

    Truth is, it is only if you are caught card counting that you get kicked out. And this is what makes pros different from rookies – rookies give off signs that they are breaking the rules while professionals simply asses the game as it is being played.

    So what is this feared aspect of the race to 21? Card counting is simply keeping a mental note of the cards that have already been used in a game so that you can be better able to predict the remaining cards left.

    Fear not – it doesn’t’t mean that you have to remember every single card that has been played. There’s a standard card counting technique that blackjack players use. The technique involves assigning certain numerical values to different cards.

    Economics 101

    Your money management skills have to be stellar if you want to be a big winner at the blackjack tables. You don’t want to lose all of your money at once, so you must know how to spread your bankroll effectively.

    One basic tip is to separate your bankroll into two or more piles. Then start with one pile, playing a small fraction of it per hand till it is exhausted. Move on to the next pile and bet a double of what you played per hand in the previous pile. Do the same doubling technique to any subsequent piles you might have.

    This money management tip described above is designed to help you win back lost cash and more if you hit a streak. It is quite similar to doubling down, but note that you are only doubling down on sessions and not on individual wagers.

    Now that you have been equipped with the three most important professional tips, let’s move on to other money-making advice experts have put forward over the years.

    • Know the casino you want to visit: Having prior knowledge of the casino you intend to visit (physically or online) is important if you want to be a winner. It is best to play at a casino that offers great odds when you hit a blackjack. Here is an example we have found of an online casino with excellent odds at blackjack.
    • The fewer the decks, the better: Try to always play with fewer decks instead of more decks. If there are more decks to play with, you will find it harder to keep track of the cards that have been dealt. A la card counting.
    • Look for tables that have favorable rules: As much as possible, always find the tables with rules that considerably favor you. So always be on the lookout for tables with Soft 17 or surrender rules – your winning chances are better on these.
    • Keep your emotions at home (or far away from you): Don’t let the outcome of the gameplay make you get frustrated and allow you to end up playing out of emotion. Stay calm and follow your strategy. If you don’t keep your emotions in check, you’ll most likely end up burning your money faster than you would know.
    • No drinking while playing: Brick-and-mortar casinos usually offer drinks to players from time to time. But professionals know that they want to be in their best mental state to win. So be like the pros, and avoid alcohol while playing.

    Blackjack is a great game to go professional with. Be committed to learning about it, manage your money wisely, count the cards discreetly, and follow the other tips described above and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro player.


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