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    Best Black Friday AirPods deals: AirPods 3 and AirPods Max on sale now, AirPods Pro soon

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    First big AirPods deal Black friday Is over, new ones have arrived for AirPods 3, and wild ones for AirPods Pro. AirPods 2 had fallen to a record low of $ 89 at Wal-Mart from November 10th to 14th, but the deal is now closed.

    But soon, Walmart It will be available on AirPods Pro for $ 159. On the other hand, some retailers already sell AirPods Max for $ 50 to $ 70 off, and you’ll see better prices there as well.

    There are many models in Apple’s AirPods lineup, so let’s quickly disassemble them so you know which one you’re looking for.

    • NS AirPods Pro (The $ 249 list, often sold for under $ 190) is still on the market, but includes the same MagSafe compatible case (“If you buy the right one). The Pro model offers full noise isolation (via the eartips) and active noise canceling, neither of which is available on standard AirPods models. Wal-Mart will offer these for $ 159 from November 22nd, and other retailers may be comparable.
    • NS 2nd Generation AirPods (aka AirPods 2) Is currently an entry-level model in Apple’s lineup, and we’ve already seen Wal-Mart cut them down to $ 89 for Black Friday. The transaction closed on November 14th and it is unclear if this price will return.
    • NS Beats Studio Buds It is a 2021 model with a closed design.They are now Discount up to $ 130 If you don’t need open design, it’s a great alternative to AirPods 2.
    • NS AirPods 3 Released in October (along with the new MacBook Pro).The new $ 179 true wireless headphones include a case compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, providing better sound quality than the old ones. AirPods 2 (See above). For Black Friday, you’ll see the first decent $ 14 discount.
    • NS Beats Fit Pro It was announced just days after AirPods 3 was released. Like the AirPods Pro, the $ 200 Fit Pro offers insulation design, active noise cancellation, and water resistance. However, they also add stabilizing fins built into the design, making them suitable for active use by some.
    • NS AirPods MaxApple’s high-end full-frame headphones, released in late 2020, are still on the line, but often sell for close to $ 449 compared to the official Apple Store price of $ 549. The price of Black Friday, which Costco currently has, seems to be $ 479 from what we’ve seen so far. For sale for $ 440 (However, you must be a member to purchase them).

    Simply put, Apple now has three sets of true wireless headphones competing in the $ 180- $ 200 range and an older entry-level AirPods model that sells for as low as $ 89 ahead of Black Friday. I am.Except for these baseline AirPods, everything else above is compatible with Apple’s new AirPods Spatial audio function, But none of them offer the highest quality of Apple’s future Lossless audio format, This is too much for the current Bluetooth wireless standard to handle.

    AirPods Price 2021


    Apple store prices

    Best price now

    Highest price ever

    AirPods 2

    $ 129

    $ 119

    $ 89

    AirPods Pro 2021

    $ 249

    $ 190

    $ 159 (soon)

    AirPods 3

    $ 179

    $ 165

    $ 165

    Beats Fit Pro

    $ 199

    $ 199

    $ 199

    AirPods Max

    $ 549

    $ 440

    $ 429

    This story is updated frequently to reflect the current price.

    David Carnoy / CNET

    Woot currently sells Apple’s latest AirPods, the AirPods 3, for just $ 165, which is $ 15 cheaper than the Apple Store and other retailers. To save completely, you need to sign in with your Amazon Prime account. Otherwise, everyone else will be $ 170.

    In 2020, entry-level AirPods reached $ 99 during Black Friday sales at Wal-Mart. This year, Wal-Mart raised the bar by selling them for the lowest ever $ 89. However, after November 14, the price has returned to $ 119. It is unclear if they will return to their previous lows.

    Read AirPods Review..

    Sarah Tew / CNET

    Apple’s AirPods Pro was temporarily low at $ 169 for Wal-Mart and $ 170 for Amazon on Black Friday 2020. These days, wireless headphones are ping-pong between $ 180 and $ 200. The new model (with MagSafe case) is now available for $ 190 at Wal-Mart.Walmart official Black Friday ads Shows that the AirPods Pro will fall to $ 159 on November 22nd. This is the worst ever.

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    David Carnoy / CNET

    The latest Beats headphones aren’t AirPods, but they pack most of the features of the AirPods Pro into a sportier design with multiple color options, except that they don’t have a wireless charging case. You should definitely check these before you buy an AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro for about the same price. Read the Beats FitPro Review..

    David Carnoy / CNET

    Apple’s first full-size headphones are packed with high-end features such as noise cancellation, spatial audio, and easy integration with Apple devices. Yes, it may sound strange to pay about the same amount as for the PS5, but it’s even stranger. Unless you feel burned by the lack of full lossless audio support, it’s actually worth it. As of early November, the price of certain colors has dropped to $ 430. Otherwise, the retail price seems to be close to $ 480 in most cases.

    Read a review of AirPods Max..

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