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    Best Apps to Install on Your Android Phone in 2022

    We all have spent tough times during pandemic COVID-19. Now it is time to get back to normal routine and complete our wish list. Most people might have a wish of buying a new smartphone. If you have purchased a new one or wish to buy a new one, you might need to rethink what apps should be on your phone.

    Before installing any app, we would like to advise you on how to make better use of your smartphone. The first thing you need to invest is in high-speed internet. No matter, what’s your purpose of buying a smartphone whether it be gaming, browsing, socializing, or streaming, you need to bear the cost of reliable internet. With coverage in 42 states all over the country, spectrum internet ofertas delivers optimal speed and customer support along with unlimited data caps.

    Now let’s take a look at what apps you should install on your smartphone in 2022.

    ColorNote Notepad Notes

    With so much mess going around in our lives, staying organized requires a toll. You might not be able to remember your shopping list, emails to send, or bills to pay. If you want to take quick notes of everything that needs to be done on any given day, make sure to install ColorNote Notepad Notes.

    Making notes of important tasks require only one app that allows you to write as many characters on a note, make a checklist, and organize notes by color. Moreover, you can also add the widget to your home’s screen for a quick overview.

    Finch: Self Care Widget Pet

    Don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, worry not because Finch is here to rescue you. Whether you are suffering from depression, bad habits, or mood swingsinstall this app and take quick exercises to grow your pet, improve mental health, and earn rewards. By installing this app, you will be able to set yourself in a good mood, improve your habits, and throw off mental health issues.


    There has been a lot of disconnection from the world during the pandemic COVID-19. But now things are getting back to normal and people are socializing more than ever. Make sure to install Discord on your new phone and get in touch with friends, family, and other communities. Discord makes it easy for everyone to be in the same place for sharing ideas, having fun, and discussing something productive.


    You might get bored of your old themes, ringtones, and wallpapers built into your phone. But with so many apps at your disposal, you can customize wallpaper, lock screen, and ringtones by installing Zedge. Don’t worry, you will be getting high-resolution wallpapers for your smartphone to make it feel like a new one.


    TickTick is not as popular as other apps on the list. But we think that this app must be included in the list due to its features. If you are a remote worker or a freelancer, TickTick helps you to organize recurring tasks, allow push notifications, and other features to help you manage your projects effectively.

    The app also makes it easy to share tasks across other categories with people. Whether you are working with a small team or a group, TickTick takes care of everything. You can even manage your daily household chores such as bills payment, to-do lists, and grocery lists. The app is free to install, but if you want premium features, you can get it for $27.99 per year.

    Solid Explorer

    When it comes to managing photos, videos, documents, and other stuff on your smartphone, none other than Solid Explorer takes care of it. The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to organize files and folders according to their needs. You can use it for free, but the paid version costs you $2.99. Whether you want to explore your device fully, analyze storage, secure your files, or organize remote files, Solid Explorer makes it super easy for any smartphone user to do.

    Summing Up

    All of the aforementioned apps are useful for daily task management, phone storage organization, and customization. Keep your device updated with new and better apps available on Google Play Store.

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