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    Bernie Sanders says the Democratic Party is failing: “The party turned its back on the working class” | Bernie Sanders

    SEnator Bernie Sanders Democrats focus on fighting for the American working class and confronting “strong corporate interests” as the Democratic legislative agenda is stalled in the November elections and the party faces harsh prospects. He asked to make the “major course corrections” that he had guessed.

    The White House is likely to see his comments as a shot across the bow by the party’s left, which is increasingly dissatisfied with centrism. Democratic Party I managed to eat up or delay the huge chunk of Biden’s domestic policy plan.

    In an interview with the Guardian, Sanders tells Joe Biden and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer to extend child tax credits, reduce prescription drug prices, and raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15.

    Senator Vermont argues that such a vote will be good policy and good politics, and the Democrats are fighting for the working class, emphasizing Republican opposition to very popular policies. Said that it would show.

    “It’s not a big secret that the Republicans are getting more and more support from the people they work for,” Sanders said. “It’s not because the Republicans have something to say to them, but because the Democrats have turned their backs on the working class too much.”

    Sanders, who ran for party nominations in both 2016 and 2020 and lost in a fierce contest with Hillary Clinton and then Biden, is a popular figure on the left side of the party. Vermont’s democratic socialists continue to be influential and have supported Biden for his first year while the party is trying to deal with the pandemic and resurrection of the increasingly radical Republican twin threats. rice field.

    However, his comments seem to reflect growing dissatisfaction and concern about the direction of the Biden administration. “I think it’s absolutely important for us to make major course modifications,” Sanders continued. “It is important to have the courage to take on the very strong corporate interests that hold the country’s economy incredibly strong.”

    Individual bills backed by Sanders may not attract the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican filibuster, and defeats against them can embarrass Democrats. But Sanders, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and one of the most prominent and progressive voices in the United States, said: But they don’t understand why we didn’t enact important legislation endorsed by 70% or 80% of Americans. “

    Sanders spoke with the Guardian on January 6th of the same day. He issued a statement that it is the best way to protect our democracy Not only is it enacting legislation to protect voting rights, but it is also about addressing the concerns of “there is a break between the reality of their lives and what is happening in Washington” and “the majority of Americans.”

    He said millions of Americans are interested in “painful reality” such as “low wages, dead-end jobs, debt, homelessness, lack of medical care”. In that statement, he dissatisfied with the political system because many working-class Americans “do nothing” to them, “if so, usually worse”. Said.

    Sanders reiterated in an interview that Democrats need to show strongly and visibly that they are fighting to improve the lives of working-class Americans. “The truth of the matter is that people do their jobs, and half of them live from salary to salary,” Sanders said. “People are struggling with prescription drugs. Young families can’t afford to raise children. Older workers are worried about dying about retirement.”

    Sanders has long been plagued by growing inequality in America’s wealth and income, but revealed that he believes it’s time for the Democratic Party to take on a super-rich and powerful company. “They want wealthy people to start paying their fair tax burden,” he said. “They think it’s ridiculous that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk don’t pay nickel for federal taxes.”

    He praised Biden for promoting improved childcare and expanding child tax credits. But he also said, “It would be nice to show working people that you are now willing to step up and take on the desires of the American ruling class.” He repeatedly pointed to high prescription drug prices as an example of “corporate greed.”

    “There’s nothing more of a concern for people than paying for the highest prescription drugs in the world,” he said, with 1,500 lobbyists in Washington in the pharmaceutical industry. Lower the cost of medicines. “

    The Senator said: Democrats must make it clear that they are on the side of the working class and are ready to stand in a wealthy and powerful position. I think it’s not only right, it’s politically right. “

    Last Wednesday night, Sanders performed a national live stream In it he spoke with the leader of three long strikes: A warrior meets coal in Alabama, West Virginia Specialty Metals And of Rich Product Corporation Jon Donaire Desserts Subsidiary in Southern California.. He points out that hedge funds and millionaires own large stocks in all three companies, despite the surge in owners’ wealth during the pandemic thanks to the rapid growth of the stock market. We opposed these companies by offering modest salary increases and demanding that workers pay much more for health insurance.

    “These entities that top people are doing incredibly well are putting pressure on their workers and lowering the standard of living of those who are hitting them,” Sanders said. “It is unacceptable.”

    During December Sanders went to Battle Creek, MichiganTo help 1,400 Kellogg workers on strike at grain factories in the city, not just in Memphis, Tennessee. Omaha, Nebraska; Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In an interview, Sanders said: Are we ready to stand with working families and undertake strong corporate interests? “

    Sanders complained about the lack of progress in Biden’s buildback better bill that the Democrats tried to enact through budget adjustments. This process requires only a simple majority to go through. That effort was slowed down by long negotiations between West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Cinema, where Manchin opposed the $ 2 trillion package and left-wing anger and deep frustration at the White House. It was blocked when I said it caused it.

    “We’ve tried the strategy over the past few months, mainly in backdoor negotiations with a small number of senators,” Sanders said. “We haven’t succeeded in Build Back Better or voting rights. It demoralizes millions of Americans.”

    He called for a resurgence of a robust version of the Build Back Better, and for voting on individual parts of the law that would help Americans in the working class. “We need to bring these things to the floor,” Sanders said. “The majority of people [Democratic] Caucus is willing to fight for good policy. “

    Sanders added: If I’m Manchin and I know that tens of thousands of struggling families in West Virginia are benefiting from the increased child tax credits, I’ve been thinking long before I oppose it. It would have been. “

    Sanders also demanded a law on another issue he advocated: letting Medicare provide dental, visual and auditory benefits. “All these issues aren’t just about Bernie Sanders standing up and saying this is great,” he said. “They are very popular issues, and in all of them, Republicans are against it, but many people don’t know it because Republicans aren’t forced to vote for them. Hmm.”

    Bernie Sanders says the Democratic Party is failing: “The party turned its back on the working class” | Bernie Sanders

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