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    Benefits from Affiliate Programs and Top Businesses

    Affiliate, in essence, means a person, group, or organization attached to a larger body. That is why affiliate marketing is actually the process of being able to earn a commission by promoting other people’s and companies products. You find a product or service you like, and the goal is to earn a piece of the profit for every single sale you make by promoting it to users.

    So basically, it is a smart move for a company to pay others, such as bloggers, to advertise their products and services to increase sales. Also, by putting affiliate links on your site, you can make some extra money. Before we get into what affiliate links are, it is valuable to mention that affiliate programs and marketing are vital for connecting various companies. Everyone has a mutual benefit because of this; let’s take Casinovator for example; it is not only a site where you can read articles, news, learn how to play safely and responsibly, but more importantly, it is a place where various games from various casinos are affiliated together, and you can choose whatever you like.

    So, as you can see, as everything is better when it is affiliated, it is the same with affiliate businesses; everyone benefits from it one way or another. And most importantly, every side is making a profit because of this way of functioning. Therefore, let’s begin with affiliate links and programs, and we will also see the best affiliate businesses today.

    Affiliate Links

    Since over 80% of today’s online brands rely on affiliate links, it is obvious that there are many reasons why affiliate programs are valuable, and it is a fact that they bring various benefits to companies worldwide. Of course, the goal is to make a profit, and affiliate links can get you some extra money as well.

    So, what is an affiliate link? An affiliate link contains the affiliate’s username or ID, and it is a specific URL. In order to record the traffic that is sent to the site, advertisers use affiliate links in the affiliate programs. Agreements such as these usually state that the affiliate’s responsibility is to arrange its affiliate link and be sure it is connected to the advertiser’s site.

    To sell services and products online, a company recruits affiliates, and when they sign up on the site, they are provided with a specific link. When a visitor on the affiliate’s site clicks on the advertisement and goes to that site, the affiliate receives a commission if a click that was performed has led to a sale. One of the biggest advantages of affiliate links is that they make various opportunities and track sales for those who want to sell another’s party products and services.

    It is an interesting but also profitable style of working, and you can make extra money easily. For example, you recommend a service or a product to people that follow your site, and they will buy the service or product by using your affiliate link. Because of this, you will be paid a commission since those sales were made using your affiliate link. Some would say it is not a lot of effort included, and yet money can be made. Isn’t that what everyone wants these days? Also, various affiliate programs make these affiliate links present on the sites the best possible way, so let’s see what they actually are.

    Affiliate Programs

    Some of the most popular affiliate programs all across the globe are Elementor, AffiliaXe, M4trix Network, Fiverr Affiliates Program, and many others. They are also called associate programs that are essentially arrangements where a merchant site pays affiliate websites a commission to send them traffic. An agreement is made about the payment process, and the affiliate sites post links that bring visitors to the merchant site. The agreement itself mainly has two ways of measurement; one is the number of visitors the affiliate link sends to the merchant site to buy something or at least perform any other action, or on how many visitors it sends in general to the merchant site. Also, another way of payment method is by paying according to how many users visit the site by containing the banner advertisement on their site.

    So basically, if the link on the affiliate site brings money, or at least more traffic to the merchant site, the merchant site pays the affiliate according to the payment agreement both sides agreed to make. Thus, there is a minimum of three sides when this type of transaction happens: the affiliate site, the merchant site, and the customer.

    You probably ask yourself what the real benefits are for both affiliates and merchants in this scenario. There are many benefits from joining a like-minded business and growing your business easily that will also increase your visitors and your profit. Let’s see it from both sides:

    The Merchant’s Advantage

    One of the disadvantages is that for a banner advertisement, a merchant has to pay no matter if they made a sale or not. That is why with a good affiliate program, the merchant has the advantage to pay only when a purchase is made, so you always make a profit since you pay when something is bought because of the affiliate site. Also, another advantage is that it provides more and more users all the time. So you make money and increase traffic at the same time, and even if the same visitor uses another link on your site to buy something, you will get credit for that payment too.

    The Site Owner Advantage

    The biggest advantage for the owner of the site is that by joining a quality affiliate program, you make money as long as visitors click the affiliate links and make traffic and purchases. It is valuable to mention that you also increase your traffic by doing this since this type of connection gives more interesting sides and services on your website, so people will love to visit it more often.

    As you can see, every side benefits from the affiliate programs, which is why they are so popular. In addition, according to many statistics and surveys, it is known that annual affiliate marketing is around 12 billion dollars spent overall. And, as mentioned above, over 80% of brands use affiliate links through affiliate programs. Also, around 15% of total digital media income is made because of affiliate marketing. Since many reasons prove how and why affiliate programs are extremely useful, now let’s see which are some of the best affiliate businesses across the world.

    Best Affiliate Businesses

    There are many affiliate programs and even more affiliate businesses that use these programs to make a profit and site traffic through affiliate links, and some of the best of them today are:


    Shopify is probably the best and most popular e-commerce site, and it has an affiliate commission rate of around 200% with a cookie duration of 90 days. This, of course, is possible since Shopify has been boasting more than 400,000 merchants online. The numbers are extremely incredible, but yet true. Some of their biggest advantages are that this site has many highly helpful features like promotion ideas and affiliate FAQs. Also, their brand name attracts visitors because of their stable conversion rates.


    Wix is also another worldwide spread and known company that aims to build websites with more than 100 million users. Their affiliates are provided with a $100 per sale initially, but another advantage is that Wix has a lot of landing pages one can use in various languages.

    Also, another advantage is that this company allows users to create a simple site that has easy ways to add affiliate links which, of course, is the main goal here. Wix also has a cookie duration of 90 days.


    BigCommerce is a platform that has more than 60,000 merchants, and because of their advanced serviceability and built-in features, they are most popular among growing brands. Also, as an affiliate company, they offer an affiliate program with a lavish 200% bounty payment on their plan. This price plan actually means that you can get $60, $160, $250, and $1,500 per paying customer. BigCommerce also provides text links, banner advertisements, etc.

    Final Words

    The affiliate programs are already some of the most used tools for online marketing, and the affiliate links are of great use for every side, without a doubt. Affiliate programs achieve great marketing results through affiliate programs, no wonder why some of the biggest online companies are based on affiliate marketing.

    Making a successful deal with anyone, in essence, means to gather the best things from it and provide benefits for every side that is part of the agreement. Affiliate programs are so popular among companies because the merchant makes a profit and site traffic. The other side has its benefits from it, and most importantly, higher site traffic.

    Last but not least, let’s not forget that the visitors and customers also benefit from these programs by having an easier way to find and purchase products and services. That is the final goal of affiliate marketing through affiliate programs and links.

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