Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Marry Despite Multiple Breakups, Restraining Order


Almost two years later Become a parent together, Bear Brown and Leiben Adams are married.

The Alaska Bush People The star and his new bride experienced great ups and downs during their troubled relationship.

Their latest reconciliation was August 2021.

Now when they celebrate their marriage to a loved one, they are all smiling.

On Monday, January 17th, the official Instagram page of Alaska Bush People announced big news.

“Congratulations to Bear and Leiben!” I read the post.

“Yesterday, a couple of #AlaskanBushPeople and their 1-year-old river parents tied a knot,” Caption elaborated “at an intimate ceremony.”

Bear Brown and Leiben Adams Wedding Photo

Kuma told Discovery about marital relationships and the milestones of this key relationship.

“It really feels good to be a married man,” he erupted.

“… I have loved Leiben for a long time, and it is an honor and privilege to finally call her my wife,” Bear admitted.

Bear Brown and Leiben Adams

“She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Bear praised.

“And,” he said about his wife, Leiben “still breathtaking my breath!”

“We were very happy that our friends and family were able to accomplish that,” Raiven said.

Raiven Adams Holds Newborn River Anthony

“The bear looked very handsome,” Raiven said.

“And I am very grateful to the family we created,” she continued.

They are 1-year-old river parents and are actually 2 years old in early March.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

Of course, the bear’s mother, Ami Brown, attended the ceremony.

So did his brothers Noah, Bumbam, and Gabe.

His sisters, Rain and Bird, were also there for the wedding to cheer on their brothers and their new sister-in-law.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are engaged

Judging from what we know about marriage, there were some very noticeable absenteeism.

The patriarch, Billy Brown, died nearly a year ago.

Ami is a widow and is truly missed by her family.

Bear Brown and Leiben Adams

He is still alive, but there were no signs of Matt Brown.

Matt has been estranged from part of his family for at least some time due to a major conflict with his parents.

He suffers from addiction and is not unreasonable, but has a problem with what it was like to be a family on a reality show.

Raiven Adams is very pregnant

“I wish Da was there,” Bear mourned and recalled.

“But I know he was looking from the best seat,” he continued.

The bear, of course, refers to his belief that his father observed the marriage from across the grave.

Bear Brown Kiss Leiben Adams

“I look forward to building a life, a family, and a house with Leiben,” Bear declared.

“She is the love of my life,” he asserted.

“And my heart belongs to her,” Bear concludes. “And only her.”

Raiven Adams, Bear Brown, Rain Brown

Bear and Raiven started dating a few years ago and had been in a relationship for several months before being released.

But when it was released, their relationship deteriorated, especially when Bear’s thirsty fans were involved.

They were convinced that no one was enough for Bear. And it paid their romance, and above all, its sacrifice.

Raiven Adams baby bumps in 11 weeks

Raiven and Bear broke up, but Raiven almost soon discovered she was pregnant.

She and Bear broke up with their dating, engagement, and pregnant parents in a relatively short amount of time.

Eventually, their plan to co-parent as friends turned into a reconciliation.

Raiven Adams baby bumps in 16 weeks

But it was the first division and reconciliation of many, and continued after the birth of the River.

At one point Raven obtained a detention order to protect her from the bear and explained vigilance and menacing behavior.

Their division and reconciliation continued until last summer and reunited in August three months after the next division.

Raiven Adams baby bumps in 30 weeks

It doesn’t sound like a stability recipe, especially considering the behavior of bears.

(Although Raiven’s explanation is assertive, Bear ridiculed himself in a very public and less assertive way on social media.)

We close our eyes and hope that everything is happy and perfect now that they are married.

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