BD Wong on why he dreads when his characters wear a lab coat


BD Wong (center) plays Awkwafina’s father, Wally, at the show Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens.

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Actor BD Wong is in the midst of a diverse and seemingly endless expanse of movies, television series and other media. His work is like a perfectly set jewel, always eye-catching and forced to stop with wonder and joy. His performance is loved whether or not it takes place on Broadway where he first took a break. In movies like Jurassic Park, Father of the Bride, Mulan: or in shows like Law and Order: SVU, Oz, Gotham. In 2017, Wong was nominated for an Emmy for her success as a White Rose in the series Mr. Robot.

He can now be seen as Awkwafina’s father, Wally, in the second season of Awkwafina is Nora in the Queens. The show is based on Awkwafina’s life and reflects her wonderful and spot-on humor.on CNET I’m a very obsessed podcast“At the heart of the show is this crazy and amazing performer, Awkwafina. If you don’t know who she is, you really need to join the program.”

“Wally wants to tell her what to do, but at the same time she wants her to find her way,” Wong said. “I’m involved in that part of Wally, and I think people like Wally because he’s doing his best and not always making the right choices by groping. It’s a very human nature. “

In an interview, Wong talks with Mr. Robot, Jurassic Park, Lo & Order fans and his theatrical career. He also shares that he was often cast in the role of a doctor when he started. Over time, his outfits and the stereotypes they represented depressed him.

“I was this and that doctor, and every time I got a new doctor, he almost always had a different name,” Wong said. “Previously, it was a scary moment to get into the wardrobe fitting and worry about having a lab coat.”

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BD Wong on why he dreads when his characters wear a lab coat Source link BD Wong on why he dreads when his characters wear a lab coat


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