Barack Obama kisses Michelle on her cheek for her 58th birthday: Photo-Hollywood Life


Barack Obama celebrated Michelle’s 58th birthday with two beautiful pictures on a tropical vacation while Michelle performed a dance move.

Barack Obama, 60 tweeted adorable pictures of him and his wife Michelle Obama For her 58th birthday. The former president kissed his wife’s cheek in front of the beautiful sunset and tropical background in the photo attached to the tweet. Michelle was radiant as she wore a shirring brown top and a tan skirt while Barak wore a white button-down. “Happy birthday, Michelle. My love, my partner, my best friend,” he wrote with a photo.

Michelle also shared a video of her birthday celebration on Instagram. She danced adorably to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” version in front of a delicious birthday cake. “This is a sweet 58th!” She captioned the post. “Thank you for your love. Every birthday message I received today, whether you posted it in a text message, email, or social media, made a lot of sense to me. Thank you for your support. I am looking forward to next year’s schedule. “

The former First Lady celebrated Barak’s 60th birthday in August.She uses her own way in words Heartfelt compliment To her husband for over 29 years. “In all your achievements, I know that giving our girls gifts and being a beloved father outperforms all girls,” she writes. “Thank you for not disturbing the weight of the world to be a wonderful husband and father. Happy 60th birthday.”

Barak and Michelle have their exclusive party and his 60th birthday It was no exception. The guest boarded a private plane to his $ 12 million Martha’s Vineyard Mansion for a special occasion. Among the star-studded guests are John Legend and Clichy, Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union, Don Cheadle, Beyonce and her husband JAY-Z, Eddie Vedder, George Clooney, Stephen.・ There was Spillberg. Erykah Badu She may not receive another invitation after she was arrested, but she attended again Leaking video footage From the party.

The founders of the Let’s Move Initiative recently celebrated her and Barak’s wedding anniversary on October 3, 2021.She celebrated their nearly 30-year marriage by making a fascinating post Photo of throwback Of her and her honey. The couple didn’t seem to be almost old between the two photos, as Michelle hugged Barak as they were sitting on the couch and posed the same pose in each photo. “How it started, how it’s going,” she joked in the caption. “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Barak, I love you!”

Barak wrote a heartwarming message to Michelle, not taking too much comedy for their anniversary. Instagram.. “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Mish! For the past 29 years, I’ve seen the world know you not only as a daughter of the South Side, but also as a mother, lawyer, executive, writer, first lady, and my best friend. I loved it. I can’t imagine a life without you, “he writes.

Barack Obama kisses Michelle on her cheek for her 58th birthday: Photo-Hollywood Life

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