Banana Republic of Pennsylvania Calls for Recount in GOP Senate Race


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The banana republic of Pennsylvania officially ordered a recount in the GOP Senate Primary race in the state.

Dr. Mehmut Oz leads by less than 1,000 votes over Dave McCormick. They are still counting votes 8 days after the primary election.

They still don’t have all of the votes counted. Are they still coming in?

oz primary lead pa

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On Monday former hedge fund CEO David McCormick filed a lawsuit to demand election officials count undated ballots that came in after the Tuesday election.

On Wednesday state officials ordered a recount in the GOP Senate primary race.

How long will that take?

The Hill reported:

Pennsylvania’s Senate GOP primary is officially heading to a recount as celebrity surgeon Mehmet Oz and former hedge fund manager Dave McCormick remain neck and neck.

Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman officially announced the recall Wednesday afternoon as tallies show Oz and McCormick separated by 902 votes, or 0.1 percentage points. Under state law, a recount is triggered if two candidates are separated by 0.5 percentage points or fewer.

Counties will be allowed to begin their recount on Friday, but they can start no later than Wednesday, June 1. The recount should be finished by June 7, with results due the day after.


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