‘Bachelorette’ Exec apologizes for the noisy waves at the finale


Michelle Young and Brandon Jones ABC / Craig Sjodin

Come again?rear single Viewers enjoyed the big waves at Michelle Young When Brandon JonesIn the finale scene, ABC executives responded cheerfully to the criticism.

“We were proud [sic] Audio as much as possible “and ABC Senior Vice President Robert Mills I wrote it via Twitter in an episode on Tuesday, December 22nd. “The waves were so big. Apology #BachelorNation.”

Mills’ tweet came after fans used social media to criticize the sound quality of Young’s emotional division from 27-year-old Oregon.

“Someone lower the wave of f-king. One user wrote,” I can’t hear my cry, “but another user said,” Michelle’s honey has to break his heart a little. I can’t hear your voice because of the waves that don’t make it. ” When Jones spoke, the third joked, “I can still hear the waves.” Bachelor Alum, 28, in the meantime Single: After the last rose..

“I felt a little bit of my love was overlooked,” a travel nurse recruiter told Young. “But I didn’t even know the complete story … Sometimes we don’t understand what our hearts are saying to us.”

The teacher finally got her last rose Nighte OrkoyaAnd the 27-year-old from Texas kneeled at the finale.

“We learned that our love story doesn’t have to be considered perfect as long as it’s perfect for you and me,” said the bride, who erupts in the next Instagram post. Their involvement.. “We don’t know what’s in the plan of life, but I feel incredibly peaceful because I know I’ll take you by my side.”


Michelle Young and Brandon Jones ABC / Craig Sjodin

As for Orkoya, salespeople responded to speculation on Instagram that they weren’t ready for marriage, writing: But you, Michelle, you saw me for me from the first night, and I always love and thank you. “

He used to Protected from these claims An episode of the “ClickBait” podcast on Thursday, December 16th.

“When Michelle asked me,” There’s one thing between falling in love with someone, falling in love with someone, and getting engaged, “what I was trying to say at that moment. , “I don’t have everything to answer. I don’t know what will happen to you and me [were] To leave this bubble, “Orcoya explained at the time. “All I knew was that I trusted myself. For example, I believe I’m in love with you. I want to be serious with you. And , I don’t have all the answers …. I’m not the perfect answer person who intends to tell you everything you want to hear. “

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‘Bachelorette’ Exec apologizes for the noisy waves at the finale

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