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Your target customer You may discover your website through offline channels such as advertising, search, word-of-mouth, direct mail and events, but when they arrive, 99% usually scoop up and bounce your homepage.

The fastest growing companies show each visitor the most relevant content, instantly showing that they are appropriate and worth further research.

There are hundreds of ways to personalize and optimize your website, but if you’re looking for maximum results, it can be difficult to know what to focus on and when. After years of experience in website personalization, we’ve collected unexpected yet effective and scalable tactics from some of the fastest growing companies.

I’m confident that if you do all these 10 tactics well, you’ll grow faster and look really smart in the run.

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Promote the right content to the right people

You spend a lot of time creating content for your customers, but they usually have a hard time finding content related to them. Consider adding a personalized banner that displays the right content to the right visitors.

Banners are a great way to get the target account’s attention during the evaluation phase. Also, banners that promote white papers or link to analyst reports are relatively quick and easy to implement.

When creating banner content, keep a copy of the banner concise and clear. This is an interesting short, clear sentence. CTA is powerful and practical, and you need to tell your visitors what you can get.

Personalized landing page example

Image credit: Ryan Narod

Invite prospects to an event with your peers

Creating peer sets that focus on solving common problems is a powerful event tactic we have used. It is also used by companies such as Segment.

Create a personalized invitation to an event related to your target account’s industry or use case. The component should go to the landing page for recurring events, such as weekly webins, or for major big events.

2 Kyriba

Kiriba achieved a 2.2% click-through rate with this tactic. For a typical B2B website with up to 50,000 visitor traffic per month, just one hour of effort can result in 1,100 target account engagements. Image credit: Ryan Narod

Leverage potential competitors

We go out to the limbs and guess that no matter what business you do, you pay special attention to the movements your competitors make. I have another crazy idea. The same applies to the target account.

Use this unique drama to create a personalized banner that leads to a case study showing how your competitors are using your product to your target account. It’s pretty easy to implement, but there’s still some work to do to create a competitor case study for each target account.

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