Australian state reimposes masks after major spike in cases


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will speak at a press conference at the Houses of Parliament in Canberra on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.Credit: AAP image via Lukas Coch / AP

Australia reported a significant surge in coronavirus infections on Thursday, urging the worst-hit states in New South Wales to wear masks indoors. Mutant.

New South Wales recorded 3,763 to 5,715 new cases, nearly the same as recorded across Australia on Wednesday. New South Wales also reported one death.

Hospitals in New South Wales increased from 302 to 347 the day before, and intensive care units increased from 40 to 45. It also surged in Victoria, killing 2,005 new infections and 10 deaths on Thursday.

Morrison convened a cabinet meeting with Australian state and territory leaders on Wednesday. He later told reporters that the blockade and the maskman date ordered by the federal government were not taken into account.

The decision on whether to close the gap between the second vaccination and the booster is left to the Australian Immunization Technology Advice Group.

“My message is to stay calm, get boosters, and follow common sense behavioral measurements as we enter Christmas. We look forward to that,” Morrison said. “Australian have worked very hard to bring this Christmas together, and we want to protect it.”

But in the face of a surge, New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott said: Medical professional Some have announced that they will need to wear a mask indoors from midnight on Thursday. Perotet also announced the resurgence of density restrictions that allow only one person per square meter indoors.

“We’ve always said that we’ve overcome this and will monitor the situation and evidence in front of us,” Perotet said. “The key indicators for us are not the number of cases, but the number of ICUs, hospitalizations, and, more importantly, the care our state healthcare professionals need in case of serious illness. Ability. They enter the hospital system. “

Perotet described the new requirements, which will come into force until January 27, as “modest” and cautious.

At the beginning of Thursday, Victoria moved to extend current regulations to require residents over the age of eight to wear masks in hospitality, entertainment, and office environments. The new rules will also come into effect on Thursday midnight.

“This is a wise response, allowing businesses to stay open, bars and restaurants to stay open, and major events going on,” said James Merlino, Prime Minister of Victoria. “Masks are a cheap and effective way to keep the community healthy. What is it? Public health expert I’ve been asked. “

Australia’s Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said wearing masks and other regulations are issues that are individually determined by the states and territories.

“But whether it’s a New South Wales QR code, it’s mask In Victoria, it’s been very responsive and I think it’s important to admit it. ”

Australia’s New South Wales outnumbers 3,000 COVID cases per day

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