Australia and France intensify language war over canceled submarine transactions


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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended his decision to resume submarine trading with the French government as Canberra’s decision to sign a new security agreement with the United States and Britain became more difficult.

“I don’t regret the decision to put Australia’s national interests first,” Morrison said in a comment shortly after France ridiculed Britain’s role, fueling its being left behind in the deal.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Paris recalled ambassadors from Washington and Canberra on Friday, but thought it was not necessary to do the same in London. [the UK’s] Permanent opportunism. “

“In this case, England is a bit like the coach’s fifth wheel,” Le Drian said in France 2.

As a sign that Washington is keen to mitigate the escalation of the worsening crisis, it was revealed on Sunday that US President Joe Biden called on French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss submarine deals. ..

Australia canceled A $ 50 billion French-Australia deals on 12 conventional submarines created five years ago on Wednesday, replacing at least eight nuclear submarines between the United States and the United Kingdom. Announced that it will be developed through inter-business transactions. France.

The so-called Aukus Agreement, designed to confront the growing forces of China in the Indo-Pacific, has caused anger in Paris. Every day French diplomats said France was informed only on Wednesday morning, despite previously trying to gather information from US authorities.

Morrison denied he was Dishonest with the French government He said he had expressed concern about the French and Australian submarine programs “a few months ago” towards the signing of the so-called Oaks Agreement.

“They would have had every reason to know that we have deep and serious concerns that the capabilities provided by attack-class submarines will not meet our strategic interests,” he said. I said at a press conference on Sunday. “We have made it very clear that we will make decisions based on strategic national interests.”

Le Dorian said: “There are lies, duplications, serious breach of trust, and contempt, so there is a problem between us and there is nothing wrong with it. That means there is a crisis.”

Clement Beaune, French Minister of Europe, said: .. .. The word contract signing has something to do with it. If you lose confidence, you can’t move forward. “

Regarding Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit ambitions for “Global Britain,” Beaune told state television stations:

Britain’s new Foreign Minister Liz Truss said in a telegram on Sunday that the Oaks Agreement “will take seriously to protect our interests and challenge unfair practices and malicious acts.” Wrote that it showed.

Neither France nor China was mentioned in the article, but Johnson’s foreign policy is about to be tested while preparing to meet US President Joe Biden at the White House next week.

British officials claim that the Aukus agreement is being driven by security issues and that Britain is the “basic” of the entire plan, but it was not intended as a snuggle up to Paris. “We didn’t want to annoy the French,” said one.

Tensions with Macron have already risen after Brexit, especially over the Northern Ireland Protocol, and British officials are preparing for further turmoil until next year’s presidential election.

Heightened tensions with China, to complicate Johnson’s attempts to persuade China of Xi Jinping Jintao to support an ambitious plan to tackle climate change at the United Nations COP26 summit, which was held in Glasgow in November There is also a possibility.

British President Alok Sharma of the summit confirmed on Sunday that President West was “not yet confirmed” to attend. Xi has not traveled outside his country since January 2020. But Sharma tells the BBC:

French officials said they had repeatedly asked Australian response agencies whether to change their contracts from conventional submarines to nuclear submarines, dating back to June, but these questions were silent.

French diplomats admitted at a meeting on June 24 that Australian authorities asked if the attack-class submarines under development were still adapted to the “evolving and deteriorating threat environment.”

However, he emphasized that “the demand for a transition from traditional to nuclear power” was not mentioned. [submarines] And the question has never been mentioned to move from bilat[eral] Discussion with us on Trirat[eral] With the United States and the United Kingdom. ”

Australia’s Defense Minister Peter Dutton previously said, “France has a version that is not better than the one operated by the United States, which has motivated us to move submarines with new partners in a different direction.” .. [and] England”.

There were also some concerns about brewing for some time due to rising costs and delays in Franco Australia’s program.

French officials and business executives strongly opposed the view that operational issues underpin Australia’s decision, saying they were resolved earlier this year.

Australia and France intensify language war over canceled submarine transactions

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