Friday, October 22, 2021

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    Aukus leaves some nasty questions

    The latest information on Sino-US relations

    Note that you want: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in the face of increasingly aggressive China, secures a contract between the United States and the United Kingdom for his country to acquire a nuclear submarine. I stopped the coup d’etat. This is not a simple weapons transaction.The trio presented it as follows Defense pact, Called Aukus, was immediately accused by Beijing. All three allies are in a position to benefit from the agreement. However, prices will rise further as tensions with China are already boiling.

    Timing is certainly good for President Joe Biden, Withdrawal from Afghanistan.. This demonstrates Biden’s commitment to a regional alliance to counter China. He will host a quad called NATO in Asia next week, consisting of India and Japan, and the United States and Australia. After all, this is what Biden clearly sees as a major geopolitical threat to US interests. Equipped with state-of-the-art submarine technology and long-range missiles on major U.S. allies in China’s backyard brings Beijing’s 14 operational nuclear submarines to strategic hotspots and major trade routes in the Indo-Pacific. Helps respond to threats.

    For Britain, arms trading on the other side of the world fulfills its commitment to the post-Brexit global future and is in line with the “pivot” to the Indo-Pacific and its present. Entente with Australia.. Greater cooperation with Britain’s oldest ally, Biden, is a delightful symbol for the Conservatives, with a clear reference to the trilateral alliance in the war of the last century.

    But especially Britain and Australia have signed an agreement Obvious threat.. The Trump administration has proved how capricious US foreign policy is. The current president may be committed to Aukus, but that is not a guarantee that his successor will. Meanwhile, the new submarine may not be ready even for the next decade. Biden also did not support the alliance when he seemed to forget Morrison’s name and thanked “that companion” during a virtual press conference.

    Even more troublesome is the departure of the trio relationship with France, where Australia had previously signed an A $ 50 billion (US $ 36.6 billion) contract with a fleet of traditional submarines. The deal, reconfirmed by Morrison just two months ago, will now be demolished.Naturally, it ’s Angry France.. It complains that the United States has alienated another ally in search of a closer relationship with one ally. The analysis is correct, but it is a sacrifice that Biden considers it worth making to increase security in Asia.

    There is a trade-off in rejecting France for both the United States and the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to managing threats from Russia. NATO’s purpose, spoiled by recent events in Afghanistan, is: Need to reconfirm now.. Disrupting Paris can also have direct consequences for Washington’s efforts to detain Beijing. The EU-China investment deal, which the Biden administration hates, has been shelved, but may still be revived.

    But perhaps the biggest problem is that China ponders. While it is true that the agreement risks hitting Beijing’s Paranoia, regional powers from Delhi to Tokyo to Canberra are now consistently strengthening their ties with the United States. In itself, it should encourage a soul quest for China’s frequently warlike words and actions. There is a price to pay for “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” diplomacy from Beijing.

    Aukus leaves some nasty questions

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