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    Astroworld Festival — How the Pursuit For Clout and Cash Created Catastrophe – Boston University News Service – Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston, Massachusetts 2021-11-20 05:09:00 –

    Gabriella Romero
    Boston University News Service

    When Travis Scott’s 3rd Annual Astroworld Festival began on Friday, November 6, none of the estimated 50,000 fans attended knew of the horrifying event that unfolded that night.

    Currently, 10 people, including 9 years old, have died as a result of a surge in the crowd, and hundreds have been injured after being roughly shaken and trampled. Next Saturday morning, social media was crowded with content from various witnesses.

    Undoubtedly, this case is avoidable and shows that most people in power feel explicit disregard and superiority over those “below” them. Travis Scott, in particular, is always enthusiastic about acting recklessly to his fans.

    As a matter of fact, video Scott’s instigating worshipers to jump off a high balcony. The act seems to indicate a desire to assess how much power he has over the actions of others, overlooking their safety in the process.

    The Free Dictionary defines mosh as an enthusiastic dance characterized by jumping, pushing, and pushing others into music, especially loud punk rock, hardcore, or heavy metal music. increase.

    Artists like Travis Scott conduct the audience at the show. In other words, it has the power to encourage / prevent the actions of fans. With that in mind, it’s uneasy for anyone to compare a concert to a demonic ritual or hell.

    Cry for help, plea to stop the show, mass hysteria — all ignored. On his platform above the crowd, there seems to be virtually no way Scott didn’t realize beyond the violent nature that immediately occurred during his performance. Some witnesses’ social media posts reveal the obvious confusion that celebrities have floating overhead, even while many are chanting “stop.” NS. show. ”

    Scott mercilessly answers in another clip. You all know what you came here to do. “

    Multiple mistakes led to this tragedy — if it could be considered a mistake, not a complete fault. If I knew how many people would attend, I should have received enough medical care, knowing that I definitely needed it.

    Attendee Madeline Eskins, who is also an ICU nurse, woke up from an unconscious state and found staff who were not equipped to handle the situation. She took action and discovered that she had only one automatic external defibrillator and that her unconscious body had not yet been examined. After urging members of the staff to start checking their pulse, she was horrified to find out that they didn’t know how to do it.

    Others have observed medical personnel mistakenly perform CPR. This is just one of many stories that reveal the sloppy operations of the paramedics at the event.

    On top of that, despite a great deal of security, it proved early on that they weren’t eligible to handle the rudeness of the crowd, such as when a fan broke through the entrance. Eventually, when it started to get sour, Scott had all the controls to try to spread the situation or otherwise stop the show.

    Some people who listen to online conversations blame their fans for a large number of casualties. Indeed, those who dance on ambulances and perhaps literally stare at death must lack incredible compassion. For one thing, the stampede when entering the VIP gate showed the enthusiastic energy that existed from the beginning.

    But I must argue and assert that Scott encouraged this act simply because it boosted his ego. Most artists want to get hooked on their performance, but it’s an understatement to say he made it extreme. It’s a true manifestation of fame that comes to someone’s mind.

    The concert shouldn’t have been a ruthless battle to survive. Twitter user @loyyal_jayy, fearing her life, tweeted:

    Why do people choose to step on others who have fallen? Scientific explanation: Crowds begin to move fluidly when there is such a high density and individuals cannot control their movements. In an interview with an insider, 19-year-old Batool said: “I started hyperventilating, I couldn’t breathe, I started screaming … and people didn’t listen.”

    The majority of those who step on others were simply trying to keep themselves from falling, fearing that they would encounter a similar fate. Unfortunately, innocent people were killed in the process. Pathologically, the scene is almost like a sacrifice. Fans had no choice but to step on their lower bodies to save themselves.

    It’s unfair to consider Scott to be blameless when two fans go up on stage and yell at the crew or someone else to end the disaster. There are even other claims that an unknown criminal injects a drug into an unknown fan.

    If that happens, there is no logic to explain how security allowed such dangerous substances to enter the venue. Various recordings of the artist’s very inappropriate songs in madness spin my stomach.

    The 3rd Annual Astroworld Festival is the embodiment of poor planning, recklessness, and unrestrained power. Since then, new grotesque details have been revealed every day. Travis Scott cannot go unharmed when thousands of people are surely traumatized, and so far eight families have been forced to mourn those who died too early.

    Money and fame cannot replace holding the guilty party accountable. The statement released on Scott’s social media platform — read as very dishonest — is certainly not enough as a result. In it, he ridiculously claims that he could not apologize once and was unaware of what was happening.

    He probably didn’t intend to do that, but this message reveals how Travis Scott dehumanizes fans and sees them only as a provider of financial outlook and admiration. I am.

    If he didn’t know what was sadly happening in front of him, it was because he didn’t care.

    Astroworld Festival — How the Pursuit For Clout and Cash Created Catastrophe – Boston University News Service Source link Astroworld Festival — How the Pursuit For Clout and Cash Created Catastrophe – Boston University News Service

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