Astronomers may have spotted first planet orbiting three stars


This composite image of Golden Week Orion is from the Extremely Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

APOD film / ESO / Excelter / Klaus et al., L. Karsada, Alma (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO)

NS GW Orionis, Relatively close at a distance of only 1,300 light-years, will not be much different from our solar system. GW Ori, as astronomers call it, is a triple star system partially covered by a dusty ring of cosmic detritus where the planet may be in the process of formation.

However, a new analysis of the protoplanetary disk suggests that the process may already bear the fruit of a fairly large universe.

A researcher led by Jeremy Smallwood, who recently received his PhD. An astronomy graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, noticed a large, confusing gap in the dusty disc that was not only broken but also distorted.

“It is advisable that the presence of a giant planet (or multiple planets) in the disc separates the inner and outer discs,” Smallwood and colleagues write. A paper published in the monthly report of the Royal Astronomical Society last month.. “The disk destruction at Golden Week Orbit may be due to an undetected planet, the first planet in orbit.”

Planets hidden in dirty belts are likely to be giant gases like Jupiter and tend to form earlier in the history of the system than rocky planets like Earth.

Astronomers have previously discovered planets in a three-star system, such as the LTT 1445Ab, which has three suns in the sky. But this orbits only one of the stars.. If there are confirmed planets around GW Ori, they are first seen moving around three stars.

It also means that much can be happening in the gravity-bound heavenly trash can that whiplash around distant stars.

“It’s really exciting because it really solidifies the theory of planet formation.” Smallwood said in a statement.. “It may mean that the formation of the planet is much more active than we thought, it’s pretty cool.”

And I thought the double sunset on Tatooine’s Skywalker Homestead was astounding. The truth is always stranger than fiction.

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