As cases rise, India fears another COVID catastrophe


India is preparing for the Covid-19 Flood, with restrictions imposed by authorities in various metropolitan areas.

Suffering from the ghosts of last year’s crisis, India is preparing for the COVID-19 flood and authorities in various big cities have set limits to control the infection.

The number of cases is not yet in line with the huge number seen last spring. Thousands of people die each day, and the Hindu sanctuary Varanasi continued its 24-hour funeral cremation for the mass cremation of virus victims.

However, in the two days of this week, daily infections have almost tripled to over 90,000. This is a surge caused by a highly contagious variant of Omicron, and some experts are worried that national hospitals may be overwhelmed again.

Curfew is imposed in the Delhi area, including the capital, weekend travel restrictions begin on Friday night, and all non-essential workers are required to stay at home.

Techhub Bangalore has also declared a curfew on weekends, and the vast financial center Mumbai has introduced a curfew.

Professor Gautam Menon of Ashoka University in India, who has been working on COVID infection modeling, told AFP that “even a small part of a large number of cases is absolutely a large number.”

“This can put stress on the medical system. Second wave.. “

Doctors and nurses who have spoken to AFP have been optimistic, have few severe cases of hospitalized patients, and benefit from experience.

“Last year we didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with, and now I think we’re a little better mentally,” said one front-line worker at a hospital in Delhi. Stated.

Suresh Kumar, director of the capital, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital, said the increase quadrupled from a few to 20 at the beginning of the week, “not a cause of panic.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has so far avoided the dramatic national blockade introduced during the catastrophic outbreak last year.

However, local authorities are vigilantly monitoring the surge in cases, and some of India’s largest urban areas are moving to impose restrictions again.

The previous virus blockade has hit the Indian economy and many are worried about the economic implications of the new regulation.

“I only work for 15 days this month,” said Tumul Srivastava, who lives in Delhi. His office is subject to a 50 percent occupancy limit imposed by the city.

“My salary may be deducted. This all adds to my anxiety.”

-‘The system may collapse’-

India seems to be well-suited to weather Omicron ahead of the tragic delta waves that hit it last spring, when more than 200,000 people died in a few weeks.

At that time, the hospital ran out of oxygen, and patients ran around the pharmacy and then desperately scrambled to procure the drug.

Since then, Indian health care workers have been vaccinated nearly 1.5 billion times, and government data show that nearly two-thirds of the country is fully vaccinated.

This campaign, combined with last year’s Delta Sweep in towns and villages across the country, could help mitigate the impact of the latest spreads.

“There are no data, but this could give a strong hybrid immunity to serious consequences,” the University of Michigan epidemiologist Bhramar Mukherjee told AFP.

Preliminary studies suggest that, so far, Omicron variants have had less serious health effects on infected individuals, despite their rapid prevalence.

However, Mukherjee warned that even if direct viral damage was only a small part of what was seen last year, the uncontrolled spread of new infections could still cause serious problems for India. ..

“Most of the sick workforce, as you have witnessed in the United States and the United Kingdom, is affecting social infrastructure and causing turmoil,” she said.

“I’m worried that there will be times when the same thing will be seen in India. Too much can cause the system to collapse.”

With the proliferation of COVID cases, Delhi imposes a weekend curfew

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