Arizona Democrats Condemn Kyrsten Cinema for Failure to Vote | Arizona


Arizona Democratic Party has been formally condemned Kyrsten CinemaU.S. Senator helped by opposition to filibuster reform Sink attempt To protect voting rights.

In a statement on Saturday, Arizona’s party chairman Raquel Terán said: Said: “We are not pleased with this announcement, but the ADP Board has decided to formally condemn Senator Cinema because he did nothing necessary to ensure the soundness of democracy.”

Attempt to pass voting bill Died in the Senate this weekThe Republican Party hit Joe Biden and his party in a year ending in a prosperous midterm election.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia, another moderate Democrat from Cinema, opposed a move to open up the issue of voting rights from filibuster.

Mr Cinema said he opposed reforms because filibuster protected the rights of the Senate minority, “building a bridge, laying a common ground, and Arizona And this country. “

Critics pointed out that 50-50 rooms of Republican Senators are not the only representatives. Millions less Americans than DemocratsHowever, the Republicans themselves have recently been pleased to change the filibuster rules to require only a simple majority to confirm the Supreme Court judges.

With that change, Donald Trump was already able to appoint three hardline conservatives to court when they were more evenly balanced. Removal of internal organs Protection of federal voting rights.

Since its Supreme Court ruling In 2013And since Trump refused to admit defeat in the 2020 elections, at a growing pace, Republican-run state governments will make it difficult for democratic communities, especially black voters, to vote. Passed the law of critics.

Other measures will make it easier for Republicans to overturn the outcome, according to critics.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said this week after a failed Democratic vote push: Percentage as an American. “

Diana Deget, Colorado Democratic Representative, Said: “African-American voters are Americans, and suggesting that they aren’t is almost as racist as it gets.”

Mitch McConnell blames – video after African-Americans say they cast as many votes as “Americans”

In her statement on Saturday, Terran said:

“But on the issue of filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we were clear in the choice between archaic legislative standards and protecting Arizona’s voting rights. We chose the latter, I always do that. “

Terran praised the role of cinema in the bailout of Covid and the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which are important parts of Biden’s agenda.But she also emphasized Republican attempts To audit and overturn Trump’s defeat Arizona and new election laws have been passed nationwide.

“Impact of not passing federal law to protect [the] The right to vote is too big and widespread, “she said.

Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Progressive Leader, Said This week he was able to return the primary challenger to Manchin and Cinema when he ran for reelection in 2024. Cinema also saw Emily’s List, a powerful abortion group with deep ties to the Democratic Party, withholding support.

On Saturday, the cinema office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The impact of criticism by Parties is controversial.In Arizona, Republican John McCain Blame in 2014 Because his Contracting Parties considered the voting record too free. Senators and the 2008 presidential candidate have incorporated it into his journey as part of his public image as a political heretic.

The cinema shows that anti-Trump conservative Jeff Flake has won a vacant Senate seat in Arizona and is not bound by traditional political norms.

Last year, Chuck Cofflin, a former Republican member of the state, said Cinema was a “practicalist” “I understand that in order for her to succeed in Arizona, she must succeed in this lane.”

However, Democrat Soundra Cole, who once campaigned for the cinema, saw opposition to raising the federal minimum wage as a “slap.”

“She is not John McCain,” Cole said. “She is not a heretic. I disagree with him in many ways, but at least we knew where he was standing.”

Arizona Democrats Condemn Kyrsten Cinema for Failure to Vote | Arizona

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