Arizona Democrats Condemn Cinema for Blocking Inflexible Voting Rights Act of Filibuster


Senator Kyrsten Sinema played a key role in the abolition of the Election Rights Act, which many Democrats consider essential for maintaining democracy, and then the party’s most influential officials and donors. It is becoming more and more isolated.

Democratic leaders in Arizona voted to blame the cinema on Saturday. This is a symbolic accusation of a woman who brought the Senate of Arizona to the party for the first time in her generation just three years ago.

environment: The Senate Republican Party’s success in blocking the voting bill this week was aimed at achieving it.

Donors are threatening to leave. She hasn’t participated in the vote until 2024, but some groups have already raised money for the final primary. Young activists are on a second hunger strike to draw attention to cinema votes.

This move provides a deep-seated opposition preview that cinema is likely to face within its party in the two years before cinema’s next vote. The independent streak that gave her tremendous power over the agenda in Washington infuriated many Democrats who were keen to prevent her reelection in their hometown.

“The well-meaning reservoir she had is gone,” said Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego, who may challenge the cinema from the left.

Defenders of the cinema say that anyone who has seen her in the last decade should not be surprised at her position. She often supported the party in the House of Representatives, actively carried out moderate campaigns for the Senate, and did not shake her support for filibuster.

In a statement before the accusations, cinema spokesman Hannah Harley said, “During the third term in the US House of Representatives, and now in the Senate, Kirsten will always tell Arizona that she will be the independent voice of the state. I have promised, not for either party. ” vote. “She was delivered for the Arisonans and was always honest about where she was standing.”

Harley repeated her comments in response to the accusations.

Cinema’s influence is driven by the 50:50 division of the Senate. This basically allows the senator to kill the legislation. This is an option that Cinema has repeatedly exercised.

But unlike other Senate moderate democratic ambitions, Joe Manchin, West Virginia, she faces political dynamics. On behalf of the state where former President Donald Trump carried nearly 39 percent points in 2020, Manchin is unlikely to face a progressive challenger who will gain traction.

But in Arizona, Democrats dominate. Joe Biden has been the first Democratic presidential candidate to support the state since 1996, and the party is eager to further develop its success. That makes it difficult for Democrats to simply ignore the left here, especially in the primary.

Cinema supports the Democratic voting law, but is categorically opposed to passing it by changing or eliminating it. Senate Filibuster Rules, In effect, 60 out of 100 votes are required to pass most bills. Wednesday night She joined Manchin and all Republicans and opposed a one-time rule change to pass the bill. With a simple majority.

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keyword: Alabama football coach Nick Saban and other sports legends associated with West Virginia urge Joe Manchin to step up for a voting bill.

Emily’s List Chairman Lafonza Butler, an important funding group for Democratic women who support the right to abortion, said in a statement that the cinema vote “means she will stand alone in the next election. I will do it. ” She said the group would not support her reelection if she did not support the path to voting legislation.

The primary cinema project, which is raising funds for the final primary challenge, said it has raised more than $ 300,000 from nearly 12,000 donors.

“We are literally doing everything physically. Perhaps it is possible in that we are trying to put our body on the line and appeal for this behavior. [of inaction] Shana Gallagher, one of about three dozen young people on a hunger strike to protest Cinema and Manchin, said: Gallagher is a co-founder of Un-PAC and was launched last year to organize young people in favor of the Voting Rights Act.

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed that funding and mobilization capabilities are virtually unmatched on the left side, helping major challengers to cinema and Manchin. ..

Cinema says filibuster forces Capitol Hill to be bipartisan, ensuring that millions of Americans, represented by minority parties, have a say. Abolishing it would lead to volatile bills, depending on the party in power, she says.

“When one party only has to negotiate with itself, the policy will be pushed closely from the middle to the limit,” she said in a floor speech last week, the broadest explanation of her view on the issue. Said.

From the archive (March 2021): With the Democratic Party promoting HR1 and the Republican Party changing election procedures at the state level, voting rights have been strengthened as a party battlefield.

Brian Murray, Phoenix’s GOP consultant and former managing director of the Arizona Republican Party, said she has raised her position by hostile to the left bank among independent women who decide to compete closely in Arizona. rice field.

Cinema shows the sensibility of a “maverick” who made the late Republican Senator John McCain his favorite son in Arizona, and in her appeal to the Independents, “she is almost impossible to beat. Will be. ” “Is Bernie Sanders attacking Senator Arizona?” Murray said. “I would say:’Hey, thank you. You’re helping me get reelected.”

Even Republican Governor Doug Ducey gave Cinema “credibility for the rules and protection of the Senate she believes in.”

“I’m glad she’s trying to get people together,” Ducey told reporters. Cinema was one of Ducey’s most intense critics in 2020 and relentlessly condemned his light touch reaction to the pandemic.

The fight against the left in Cinema overshadowed Mark Kelly’s 2022 reelection bid for another Arizona Democratic senator trying to retain the seats he had won in the special elections.

Since Cinema was the hottest spot, Kelly managed to avoid taking a filibuster position throughout the 2020 campaign and his first year in office. Kelly agreed with a one-time workaround to pass the voting rights bill hours before she had to vote on Wednesday.

Democratic leaders in Arizona have taken a very unusual step to formally condemn the cinema on Saturday. More guidance voted in September to “notify” the cinema that her vote on filibuster and other democratic priorities, including a significant increase in Biden’s social welfare spending, will be scrutinized. Group of people.

This move has no practical consequences, but it does show the frustration of major democratic activists. Whether the party draws support for Cinema’s 2024 bid will depend on the leaders elected after the 2022 midterm elections.

The Arizona Democratic Party is a diverse coalition that tolerates disagreements, but protecting the rights of voters is very important, said Raquel Terán, Arizona Democratic Party Senator and Chairman. On that issue, she said the cinema was “insufficient.”

“She has a great ability to work across the aisles,” Terran said. “Let’s see that ability work for voting rights.”

Arizona Democrats Condemn Cinema for Blocking Inflexible Voting Rights Act of Filibuster

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