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    Arive raises $20M for an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials – TechCrunch

    Immediate purchase and delivery of food and other necessities was one of the great opportunities in the world of e-commerce last year, funding the emergence of large and small start-ups to build businesses that carry grocery and other commodities. Was procured. Deliver toilet paper and Tylenol to people’s doors within 30 minutes.Now called a startup arrival It applies this concept to the wider world of consumer goods with Prime Now style services. We partner with premium stores and brands to sell and deliver products such as Apple electronics, Bose headphones, Lululemon activewear, furniture, beauty, bath products, and VanMoof. Delivering goods via electric bikes, and a unique courier service — has announced a $ 20 million Series A to see if the idea finds traction beyond its essence.

    Financing is led by Baldenton Capital, with participation from Global Founders Capital (a company connected to the Sam Wah family of Rocket Internet), Bruda Principal Investments, La Familia and 468 Capital. (La Famiglia and 468 Capital are Munich-based Arive repeaters, both investing in the company’s seed round and should not be confused with this. Mortgage startup (Same name in the US)

    It’s worth noting that Arive’s list of funding and backers has been based on fairly limited practices so far. The startup was launched just four months ago and is currently active in four German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt), but has used its investment to further expand across the country and others. We will consider which market to consider. Work next.

    The reason for the confidence vote is that the numbers look promising so far. Arive doesn’t reveal what the number of customers or revenue is, but the average order size is around 1,000 SKUs and costs between € 50 and € 100 ($ 56 to $ 113), with an average basket of 1 ~ 4 items. This shows that Arive is doing it as a completely different proposal than, for example, GoPuff or Getir wants to achieve with its immediate delivery model. That is, replace the weekly grocery store with multiple baskets delivered to the door.

    “This isn’t just about the next area of ​​quick commerce, it’s about building the next generation of e-commerce,” said Maximilian Seeker, who co-founded Ariv with Linus Fries. ) Says. He explained: “A phone-optimized app that connects people to local stores with a bike-based service, a very convenient delivery in 30-60 minutes.” All of its courier companies are employed by the company either full-time or part-time.

    So far, Arive has divided the model into three parts, offering consignment, wholesale, and market options for procuring supplies in the next few months. French fries said that the wholesale portion now accounts for the majority of its business and sales.

    In addition, the white label service, where Arive sells back-end technology and delivery infrastructure to third-party retailers to build its own instant delivery service, is another area the company is considering, Fries said. I am saying. This can be a very interesting opportunity in areas such as fashion. Online clothing sales have typically suffered from sizing and return handling issues. Deal with them. But what it can do is provide the technology to fashion brands and retailers who are looking for ways to get apparel faster for potential online buyers.

    On the other hand, avoiding groceries and taking a different approach with immediate delivery, FMCG Focusing on essential, expensive and slow-moving consumer goods, Arive still does a great deal of work with these grocery delivery startups in mind for another reason.

    Reeker told me that Arive is actually enjoying the oversupply of these startups in certain markets. In fact, some of these startups are definitely starting to burst the bubble. Snap up By much larger and more capitalized rivals seeking expansion into new regions — they signal where Arive should consider expanding next.

    “We want to go to more places in Germany and expand internationally. We haven’t decided which city, but we’re looking at the cities where existing grocery plays are taking place.” Said Reeker. “UK, France, they’re all interesting. Having those grocery companies is an advantage for us because it’s evidence of a consumer shift. They already have quick food. I’m used to putting it in. This is the first step. “

    Arive is not the first company to consider building a service that delivers almost all types of items instantly without having to leave the house to buy.This was basically the assumption behind the Amazon Prime Now that the e-commerce giant launched. 2014..As pointed out, Amazon has expanded it to several markets, but in the end Discontinued Standalone apps and branding built for Prime Now. It exists as a faster delivery option for some items sold through Prime.

    The message there can be interpreted in two ways. It could point out the challenges of expanding things like fast delivery services without offering customers deferred by the premium that comes with Instant, a wide range of options that offer cheaper options and longer delivery times. I have.

    Or what is the opportunity for smaller, more focused companies to get a better understanding of the model, knowing that the market has matured over the last eight years and consumers are more willing to shop online than ever before? Can show if it remains like this. Covid-19, but focuses on their expectations of how that experience more closely reflects the momentary satisfaction of a real shopping experience.

    Investors are pleased to bet that the two co-founders who hatched Arive’s ideas while in business school are trying to build something that fits the latter.

    In a statement, Baldenton Capital’s partner Colin Hannah said, “Linus, Max, and the entire team that arrived have become e-commerce practices with vigorous execution and a keen sensitivity to modern brand priorities. I’m taking on the challenge. ” “Using light electric vehicles to process orders faster can lighten our global footprint, ensure that our customers receive the products they buy online, and avoid costly delivery failures. First, the team is also working on building a UX in a way that protects it, rather than undermining the value of a brand that can be fortunate to cooperate. Finally, the large basket size and leanness It means that the company is on a much stronger path to a long-term sustainable business model. Balderton is fortunate to be backed by its rapid expansion across Europe. . “

    Arive raises $20M for an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials – TechCrunch Source link Arive raises $20M for an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials – TechCrunch

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