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    Ariela Weinberg to Biniyam Shibre: We Can Fix Our Marriage IF You Come to America

    In last week’s episode 90th fiance: vice versa, Vinyam Sibre confessed to lying to Ariella Weinberg..

    It wasn’t one thing. It was about a lot of things. And it was all blown up on his face.

    Both Ali and Bini want their relationship to work in the long run, but Kenya and Ethiopia can’t.

    Ariella presents Vinyam with an option: is he ready to move to the United States to fix things?

    Ariella Weinberg begins this sneak peak clip by telling Vinyam Sibre that things are still rocky.

    She is trying to overcome his bad behavior (she has done so many times before).

    But she doesn’t want this situation to repeat.

    Ariella Weinberg moves to kiss Vinyam Sibre

    She came to Kenya to spend time with her family in a neutral place in a beautiful place.

    Here, they are not as toxic as Vinyam’s less trusted friends.

    But she knows they can’t stay in Kenya forever on vacation.

    3x13 Promotion 02 Ariella Weinberg and Vignam Sibre

    You also cannot return to Ethiopia.

    Ariella hasn’t delved into the ongoing civil war that devastated Vini’s hometown, but that’s a real problem.

    What she admits on the camera is to ensure that the toxic effects from the group of friends at Vinyam are disbanded.

    Season 3 Ariella Weinberg

    Ariella considers her options.

    Ethiopia is not a beginner and Kenya is not a sustainable and long-term solution, so there is another obvious answer. It’s the United States.

    Ariella has already begun applying for a K-1 visa with Vignam, but the application and transfer are not the same.

    Ariella Weinberg and Vignam Sibre for 90-day Fiance: Other Ways Season 3

    But she’s worried that telling Vinyam that she wants her family to move to the United States forever would upset him.

    He is very attached to his house and his family (which is normal).

    The only weird thing is, well, it’s weird to impregnate 2 Different people from countries where you have no obvious interest in living.

    Biniyam Shibre Dips Ariela Weinberg

    When it comes to the K-1 process, Ariella says it’s been over a year since she started the process.

    At first she wasn’t sure she would get it done … but now Vinyam’s actions have changed everything.

    Basic? Vinyam ridiculed her in front of all her friends, and she can’t face or trust them.

    3x13 Promotion 03 Ariella Weinberg and Vignam Sibre

    Ariela presents ideas to Biniyam in this clip.

    He actually reacts fairly calmly and probably understands how close he is to losing her like his ex-wife.

    Bini tells the camera that he has agreed to a K-1 visa in the first place. I want my family to be with me no matter what.

    3x13 Promotion 04 Ariella Weinberg and Vignam Sibre

    But he emphasizes that he doesn’t want to live in the United States forever.

    On the one hand, it’s fair. Many people want to move back and forth between his goal, the old home and the current home.

    On the other hand, as we pointed out, having two separate Americans and children is a strange choice for anyone who wants to stay in Ethiopia.

    Ariella Weinberg and Vignam Sibre for Valentine

    Ariella is excited about the idea that Vignam will truly understand her and her place of origin.

    After all, she has lived in Ethiopia and has spent a lot of time learning about his family and learning about his lifestyle.

    She doesn’t mention this, his The religious festivals she attended without going back and forth alone show an imbalance.

    Ariella Weinberg accepts Vinyam Sibre

    If Vini agrees, Ariella is visibly relieved.

    It’s a really kind moment for two couples.

    It is also a promising sign that Vignam will spare no effort to become a good partner. This was something that was lacking in relationships.

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